Why Dubai Is My Favourite Leisure Destination

Why Dubai Is My Favourite Leisure Destination

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I have two days off and need a break desperately. I am dreaming of sitting in my swimsuit and sipping on a St Germain cocktail and not have my phone ring all this time. I start looking at tickets and the first place that comes to my mind is Dubai. As the icon circles, I close my eyes and have a quick flashback of my last trip to Dubai just a few months ago.

And as I reminisce, these are few of my most cherished moments from the trip, one that I suggest everyone experiences during their trip to the city.

First up, is the feeling of having a relaxed breakfast at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa was a wonderful experience! It's healthy and nourishing just the way I like it and I took the best seat on the terrace overlooking the Dubai Mall to relish it. This is followed by a very relaxing massage at the Hotel Spa. My room had large windows that made me soak the cutting edge skyline from the comfort of my bed. The interiors of the suite were simple and elegant - a perfect juxtaposition against the hectic pace of the city.

Next up, the sun is shining and the clock strikes noon and I find myself at the District Shoe Level in the Dubai Mall. Rumour has it that this space is spanning across 26000 square feet and it's all just dedicated to shoes! The Au Courant shoes that you spot in various international magazines were all there. I remember the painful yet sweet confusion of choosing between a pair of the works of multiple local designers, such as a pair of Sophia Webster heels and a pair of red leather Buscemi sneakers. Which one could I really go back with?

I was, of course, looking for that hidden, unknown fashion label that is every fashionistas dream and I spotted beautifully well-tailored clothes at the Bambah Boutique- a stand-alone store in JBR. Quite a find, considering I went round and round in circles to find it. The clothes were so stunning that while shooting some extra B Roll even my diligent producer was seduced to pick a bunch of outfits and rushed to the trial room.

After soaking up all that the glittering malls had to offer, I remember wanting to go away for some out-of-the-box shopping experience and my concierge directed me to the Box Park. A newly developed area inspired by shipping containers that offers food and fashion options from all across the globe. Spent a memorable evening there with a friend who took me around the area to explore it!

Finally for me, the end was all about beautifully cut gems at the Gold Souk. Even now, I can't stop thinking about them.

And my walk there ended with Dubai's version of a Cutting Chai. My trip down memory lane ends with the aroma of freshly brewed tea on my table. My cup reads I Love Dubai. My gaze moves towards my phone. The prices of the tickets have finally appeared on screen. I sip my tea, punch in my credit card details and I am off for some RnR to one of my favourite places which is only a 3.5 hour flight away.

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