17 New Things You Must Try In 2017

17 New Things You Must Try In 2017

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It's been scientifically proven that learning a new skill or language can actually create new connections and rewire the brain. It's a well- known fact that a person who does not change, does not grow! So what if it's not the beginning of the year? We still have more than half of the year left to explore new things! And here's a list of 17 such things you must try to make the most out of 2017.

1. Ariel Yoga
Anti -gravity Yoga has been the rage for a while. Besides being a great photo opp, this makes you stronger and helps you stay balanced.


2. Capoeira
A Brazilian martial art Capoeira has recently become popular in the last few years. It helps to regulate weight, makes you more flexible and acrobatic and is an overall great fitness routine.

3. Cooking
 Learn to feed yourself this year! Pick five of your favourite recipes to start with and learn how to make them really well. You can ask your mother, wife or the internet for help. But once you have the first five mastered, the cooking bug would have bitten you.

4. Education
Go back to school, learn a language, do an online course or learn how to design a website! Whatever you do will be useful at some point later in life. We have so many fonts on the MacBook because Steve Jobs did a calligraphy course, so start applying now!


5. Horse Riding
This literally ticks three boxes at once; being outdoors, connecting with animals and learning a new sport.

6. Introspection
 Spend time to introspect what makes you tick, what makes you happy and most importantly what makes you angry! Once you know this, all you need to do is go ahead and deal with it.

7. Learn an Instrument
 While you will acquire the skills to impress a potential date, research has it that playing music is the brains equivalent to a full body workout.

8. Journaling
If you are not sure how to introspect try journaling. Just write about your life and you will be surprised with how it changes the way you deal with situations.

9. Pick Up A New Language
 If you wish to conquer the world it would be helpful to learn a couple of languages before that! So whether you want to seduce someone in French or Travel around South America or start negotiating on the business table, knowing a new language will always work out well.

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10. Meditation
It reduces stress, increases self-awareness, makes you happier, improves concentration and that's just the beginning! We can't even begin to tell you the deep reaching benefits of meditation, so don't wait till you have a mental breakdown to start meditating. Start today! There are a number of courses from the Art of Living to Isha Inner engineering where mediation has been made easy to follow.

11. Paragliding
 Who doesn't want to feel like a bird! Well paragliding does exactly that. It gives you wings and besides being a great way to get outdoors, it helps clear your mind. For a paragliding course in and around Mumbai, contact

12. Pottery
Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty! The iconic scene from the movie, Ghost made pottery famous for a while in the early 90's. But now if you want to make your hands and brain work together, this is the hobby to have and it helps alleviate anxiety as well. The Clay Company in Delhi is a great place to start learning.

13. Photography
 With a camera phone we all feel like amazing photographers. But this year why don't you try doing a proper photography course and Learn to take better photographs!

14. Running
From losing weight to gaining stamina the benefits of running are multiple but what you didn't know is that it helps with strategic thinking and long term planning. Which is also why so many CEO's are regular runners!

15. Slack Lining
 Slack lining is the practice of balancing on 1 to 2 inches of flat webbing tied between two trees or pillars. And while this sounds tough like everything else, you need to learn the technique and it will help you develop concentration and maintain balance.


16. Travel Travel Travel
 It's not a new skill but travel does open your mind in a way nothing else can. So choose exotic locations and if you need help, watch our travel band at 8 pm every night for ideas.

17. Wine Tasting And Appreciation
This one's only for those who are above 25! There is nothing like doing a proper course to know the difference between your Chardonnay and Chablis.

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