A Dermatologists' Secret To Using A Moisturizer

A Dermatologists' Secret To Using A Moisturizer

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Moisturizing is an inevitable part of skincare regimen. But, when used inappropriately, it can leave skin greasy, pimply, or even drier. Follow these simple moisturizing commandments to get a healthy, glowing and moisturized skin.

Moisturize everyday - Create a daily skincare routine and stick to it, making sure that moisturizing is on top priority. Ensure moisturizing at night, every single night after washing. In cooler and wintery months, you should use rich moisturizers to combat the dryness from cold wind and drying indoor heat; in warmer months, you'll want to use lighter formulas, or you can even switch to serums.

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Moisturize immediately after cleansing - After washing your skin, moisturize immediately because you want to seal in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated and soft. If you're also using essences or serums, apply those first. And don't forget sunscreen as the final step!

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Got dry skin, moisturize frequently - If you have dry skin, you might have rough patches, itchy and flaky skin, and even cracking and bleeding. The best way to get rid of this extreme dryness is by using moisturizers with ingredients that help restore and maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier. Look for humectant ingredients such as urea, glycerine, and dimethicone, which help in reinforcing the barrier.

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Oily skin needs moisturizer too - Although it seems weird, but skin that is oily, greasy, or acne-prone still needs moisture, because when you skip it, the oil glands might sense dryness and respond by overcompensating and producing more oil. Choose a lightweight, oil-free, non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) formula that also contains a gentle exfoliant such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

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Pick a moisturizer according to your skin type - Each skin type has its own unique skincare needs. Whether you have oily or dry skin, or you are especially sensitive to harsh ingredients, there is a moisturizer made for you. Most products will be labeled as 'for dry skin', 'for oily skin', or 'for sensitive skin'. If you're not sure, stick to a basic formula designed for 'normal skin', and see how your skin fares and replace or continue your moisturizer accordingly.

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Don't ignore any symptoms of trouble - A great skincare routine is crucial to maintaining healthy skin, but it can't replace the help of a professional dermatologist. If you have stubborn rough patches, cracked and bleeding skin, don't just rely on a moisturizer or any other beauty-care product. Instead, consult a certified dermatologist because the wrong solution for any skin trouble might damage your skin more.


Follow these simple rules of using moisturizer and keep your skin radiant, supple and healthy.

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