Blog: The Evolution of Indian Fashion After 70 Years Of Independence

Posted By:Ambika Anand
This 15th August marks 70 years of Indian Independence. These years have also marked the evolution of the Indian consumer and designer and we pick an iconic influence from every decade. Read More
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Blog: In Love With Shape Of YOU!

Posted By:Anchal Tirodkar
Yes, I'm big, I'm beautiful, but today, no longer miserable about it -This is exactly the feeling when you learn to accept and love yourself just like you are. And by fighting the world with conviction about your own body and with the right attitude, you are winning the war against prejudice on your own terms. Read More
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Blog: Bridal Beauty Bads

Posted By:Dr Kiran Lohia
I see a lot of soon to be brides in my clinic who have made simple beauty mistakes, and ended up majorly panicked right before their big day! Luckily, I am here! To learn what pitfalls to avoid, read Read More
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17 New Things You Must Try In 2017

Posted By:Arati Singh
Here's a list of 17 such things you must try to make the most out of 2017. Read More
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