An Insider's Guide To Dubai

An Insider's Guide To Dubai

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You may know me for waking you up daily through my radio shows in Mumbai & Dubai or for playing different characters on TV & in films. I've hosted lots of shows too but the one job I've always wanted is host a travel show.

So when I was asked by Ndtv Goodtimes to take on the role of Tour Guide for my adopted home of nearly 3 years, I said bring it on! 

With my extended family due for a family reunion later this year, my #DubaiDiaries is all about how Dubai is the perfect city for you & your family! 

We get started with the iconic Burj Khalifa. No matter how many times I see it, it takes my breath away every single time! 

Since my aunts are all about their tea, I thought it would be cool to start with afternoon tea, on the 122nd floor of the tallest building in the world! The afternoon tea at atmosphere is award winning & I found out why! The perfect place to get a birds eye view of the city I call home.

Retail therapy, entertainment, an aquarium & underwater zoo! The Dubai Mall seriously has it all! Plus if you need to see it all without killing your feet, you can actually take a mall taxi indoors!  

If you are an outdoorsy, beach person, Dubai has pristine beaches with gorgeous clean water & Kite beach is one of my favourites! Nothing like a morning yoga session on the beach to start the day!
 It's incredible to see the Arabian Sea look so different from what we see in India! The water here is simply fabulous.

Post yoga & a beach stroll, nothing like a hearty healthy breakfast at one of my favourite restaurants! The Sum of us brews its own coffees, serves healthy, delicious food plus has a great open ambience that works with people of all ages! 

Dubai is considered the centre of the world by its residents because of the many destinations that are just one direct flight away, but why travel when the world has set up shop within Dubai itself! Global Village is a great place to browse, taste flavours from all over the world & to pick up artsy knick -knacks too! Ps.The boat ride is a must do! 

Ever thought flowers could bloom in the desert? Yes? What about 45 million of them?! Well miracles are possible in Dubai! Even if flowers are not your scene, this miracle in the desert has to be seen! 

The fabulous restaurants, the malls, the nightlife, Dubai has it all. In fact it's such a huge metropolis, that it's easy to forget that Dubai city is actually right in the middle of the desert!  

No trip to Dubai is complete without a desert safari. And I picked the most luxurious safari available!

 Falcons are perfectly easy to hold in your hand. Provided you're wearing a big fat thick glove! 

Dinner in the desert under the stars is an incomparable experience, though go with friends or family as there was too much food for just me!  

If you're looking at spending some quality time in Dubai with family, do catch my episode of #DubaiDiaries because I've done my homework & have the perfect itinerary for you!

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