7 Lesser Known Movies To Fuel Your #MonsoonVibes \
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
On that note, here are 7 lesser known films to start you off on the road to discovering a new, lesser known array of film-making...more
8 Thoughts Every Non-Dog Lover Has On A Daily Basis

Disclaimer: We actually do think puppies mean no harm, and are adorable, and supremely loyal. But then there are times we may not be as gung-ho about those furry little ones jumping up and down; for those times this list exists...more
10 Restaurants With Unusual Theme That Need To Be On Your Bucket List
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
Here are 10 uniquely themed restaurants from around the world that you are going to want to include in your bucket list:..more
12 Things Successful People Do During Weekends
Sruthi Ramanarayanan
the key to success is slowing down from time to time and relaxing. Here are the 12 things that successful people do on weekends..more
6 Reasons Local Travel Is More Important Before Your Big European Backpack
Sejal Mehra
Everyone dreams about the perfect Europe trip. There are a ton of things to do before you venture abroad...more
19 Uses That Make Coconut Oil Magical

Your miracle worker is a household item! Here are 20 uses that make coconut oil truly magical..more
10 Reasons Every Parent Gave Us To Deny A Nightout Permission
Udita Jain
Here are 10 reasons, probably every Indian parent gave us to keep us snug at home, away from all the fun we could have at a friend's place!..more
6 Times Bollywood Leading Ladies Gave Us Life Lessons
Shiralie Chaturvedi
These lessons come from strong female characters who, in the most stoic way, leave us with so much to think about and more to emulate...more
9 Emojis You've Been Using Wrong

You probably think you've mastered the art of choosing the right emojis, however, did you know that there are some emojis you may have been using in the wrong context this whole time? Well, let's take these 9 for starters:..more
5 Things You Need To Know When You Are Lost In Your Twenties
Sejal Mehra
You are not alone in this and you will eventually figure everything out. Here are a few things you should remember when you feel lost and confused...more
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