9 Times Sabyasachi and Deepika's Jodi Was A Gift For Fashion Lovers
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a creative genius regardless of what your fashion preferences might be. However we have always the associated the designer with embellishments, heavy embroidery, and absolutely overwhelmingly ornate designs..more
6 Ways You Can Be Kind To Someone Without Even Trying
Shiralie Chaturvedi
The good thing about being kind-heartedness is its effortless seamlessness. You don't have to pretend, or be calculative; you just gotta act on your intuitions and better sense and before you know it, you will be someone thinking with empathy and compassion towards your fellow people!..more
7 Fashion Trends Of 2018 Expected And Decoded
Kavya Banerjee
Here's a list of 7 trends that'll raise the bar for fashion this year...more
Your Relationship Told As Through Rajshri Production Movies
Shiralie Chaturvedi
The world of the Barjatyas and Rajshree is quite utopic and simple. It doesn't take into account all the pitfalls of overt worldliness and the evils that plague the capitalistic world we live in...more
WTF Tech: QR Codes as Medicines
Shiralie Chaturvedi
One that holds the potential to change medical science drastically for future patrons. And if you read the title of this piece well, you can assume what we are hinting towards...more
7 Things Everyone Wants on Valentine's Day
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Sure you opened this article thinking there will be a bevy of gifting options for you ready and well these are, but these are more to do with the essence of love than the material aspect of it, and trust us if you are dating the right person they will definitely understand the thought and meaning behind it and love you for it! So here it goes!..more
8 Things To Remember When Your Bro Gets Married
Ambika Anand
Fashion, etiquette, and some office drama avoidance - that is all what you need to before attending your best mate's wedding, and thankfully I am here to tell you what to do and what not to do!..more
Days Of The Weeks As Per Ranveer Singh
Shiralie Chaturvedi
No one can emote quite like Ranveer Singh, and furthermore no one can do it in a relatable way like him. That is why we decided to understand how we feel all week through the simple expressions and movements of an actor who is a magician at his craft!..more
WTF Tech: Surgeries to Include Augmented Reality
Shiralie Chaturvedi
In the ever increasing web of technological insecurities one is rendered with in today's world, using elements of tech for the greater good still shocks us a little bit. So when we heard that augmented reality is being looked at as a helping tool for surgeons in the operating theatre, we were quite curious!..more
These Are The Only Bags You Need In 2018
Ambika Anand
For that I have rounded up 2018's hottest bag watch, from fanny packs to backpacks -it is all about comfort matched with a lot of oomph!..more
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