10 Feelings Every Student Goes Through Before College Admissions

NDTV Good Times | June 16, 2017 16:37 IST

Results are out and so are the cut-off lists. With stress lingering in the air, we thought of putting every student's feelings into words. Here is a list of feelings we bet each of you are going through at this moment. Just to let you know everything will turn out to be fine in the end.

1. Nervousness Sets In While Waiting For The Result
You gave the board exams and boasted about how well you did in those. You have been partying for the last two months. But then you realise that the result date is close. You can feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach - not the good kind and you feel like you should have been mandir-hopping instead of pub-hopping. It is the moment of truth!



2. Getting The Result
You expected 97% and got 79%. It doesn't really bother you as much as it should because you are just glad that it's over. Your parents? Not so much! Once you are done listening to what a disappointment you are, you are on your way to your friend's house and planning the next party because at least you passed.


3. Thinking You Have Done Very Well
You think you have done really well and the struggles of your life end here. Just then you get to know that Sharma Ji's son has scored 98.8%. He has been doing this to you all your life and you don't think you will ever stop. The chances of you doing better than him are same as the chances of you getting into SRCC - zero!


4. Waiting For The Relatives To Call
The relatives who were not there on any of your birthdays, the relatives you didn't know even exist; are now calling to see how well you have done. They will then comment on how you haven't changed a bit and will give you advice on what to study. Here is an advice from us - don't listen to them.


5. Looking At The First Cut Off List
You think life will be easy now but then comes the first cut-off list. 99%, 98%, 97%. Anything below this just doesn't matter. You accept the fact that you are never going to college.


6. Preparing For Entrances
You have finally come to terms that cut-off lists are not going to cut it for you anymore. You now realise that you have to prepare for entrance exams since that is the only way you are going to get into any college. So you get your General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning and English back on track and pull up your socks.


7. Finally Taking Admission
One way or another you finally take admission and life is good again. You never thought you would pass but you did. You never thought you would get into college, but you did. You realise everything just seems difficult but it really isn't. You just have to not give up.


8. Revamping Your Whole Wardrobe
Now that the stressful part is over, you go on to the fun part. Shopping for college! You believe your life is going to change so you buy new shoes, new bags and of course, new clothes. You change your whole style because, let's be honest, college is a major life change.


9. Wondering If You Will Make Friends
You now start wondering if you will make friends and how will you do it. What if nobody likes you? What if everyone judges you? What if you end up being alone in college? These are just a few questions that haunt you every day. Well, we just want to tell you that it will all be just fine.


10. Ending Up Loving College
First day - you make some friends and bunk a lecture. You fall in love with college life without even realising. Now you are worried about how soon these precious years will get over and you will have to go on your separate paths. You want to cherish every moment of this phase of your life.


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