10 Rants Against Those Who Suddenly Love The Hills During Summer

Shiralie Chaturvedi | July 13, 2017 18:02 IST

Love mountains, regardless of the weather? We know how you feel. Exactly how we know how you feel when everyone during the summer season surprisingly becomes a hill lover and then continues to be completely unaware and dismissive about how to really trip it up in the hills. If you feel that, you will feel these rants. So read up and soak in!

1. Oh god, it's that time of the year where everyone suddenly wants to go on mountain treks. I mean come on, have you guys even taken the stairs today?



2. I don't understand how earnest beach lovers turn into hill lovers just for the few months between May and August! You guys start wearing sweaters from October!


3. Yes sure you get to wear your mini-skirts with boots, but it possibly doesn't that you prance around the serene hills with your clickity clackity hills.


4. And have I even mentioned the dirt? Heaps and heaps of garbage everywhere ruining the very sanctity of the invigorating vibes of a hill!


5. I mean if you were a true lover of the hills you would know that its cleanliness, it's pristine air, it's winding smooth roads are the best bits. Why ruin them?


6. Yes, of course the internet is weak here. We are some gazillion feet up on altitude, it is supposed to be silent and tranquil, not buzzing with beeps and notifications.


7. Oh and don't even have me start about the traffic pile up. You know if you drive badly on the hills you literally just fall into a gorge? Yes your luxury sports car deserves thrill, but follow the rules, please!


8. Oh wait you are here only for the cute café places? Because there is such a scarcity of those in your city, right?


9. Of course you have to walk a lot. Trekking in Triund doesn't happen without swift movements first up and down Mall Road. So don't mind but that is something you have to get with!


10. Sure I will take your wanderlust picture against a mountain, and make sure your purpose of this extensive trip is actually satisfied!


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