10 Thoughts Of People Who Hate Summers

Shiralie Chaturvedi | April 20, 2017 17:44 IST

Summer is never relaxing for most of us. It is sticky, it is hot, it smells, and there is that grandiose sun beaming away. Especially for those who live in the tropics, the months from April to forever are hard. For those people we have written this.

Understand that you are not alone in despising summers, it is hot -it is sunny -and it is sweaty.

1. Must it be April? Where's the rule book that says winter months have to be lesser?



2. Does the Sun hate humans? Need a water pouch. Need a water pouch, now. Damn, those camels!


3. Can AC Companies only ever have 18 as their default temperature rather than 26?


4. Is everyone's face melting?


5. Ice-cream is a sensible choice for breakfast, right?


6. Why can't we wear shorts to work? Every other fabric is sticky, sweaty, and disgusting!


7. Why can't we have portable fan accessories? Portable fans for earrings! Portable fans as headbands!


8. Why is the only smell potent here of sweat? What is this amalgamation of sweat around the room? And what is up with these ants!


9. Why are talcum powders so underrated? They should be regaled as heroes!


10. Why can't adult get summer holidays? What is this unfairness? Because this is like living in lava!


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