10 Ways Bollywood Stereotypes Indian States

Shiralie Chaturvedi & Bhavya Jha | February 15, 2017 11:28 IST

There's a difference between a classic and a cliché, and it's pretty glaring; something classic is that stands the width of time, is evergreen, and ever resplendent whereas a cliché is something which does stand the width of time but only because of it being indoctrinated within our heads in form of a stereotype. Such are state associated stereotypes in Bollywood. And they are everywhere!

1. Delhi
 Ever the city of debauchery, scandal, and political aggression, the city rarely travels on anything but strong stereotypes ranging from students of Delhi University finding themselves in painful situations, to rich vapid girls, to a wayward and corrupt politician making your life a personal hell.

2. Maharashtra 
City of dreams, full of aspiring townies trying to make it big, with some expansive shots of the Mumbai local, and a little sprinkling of the underworld. Few movies set in Mumbai are bereft of a degenerate society type testing their luck in the glamour industry, and the ones that are far and few in between have the other stereotype; one that consists of panoramic shots of the infamous Mumbai slums.

3. West Bengal
First stereotype? More often than not movies set in the state speak of a time gone by aka they are almost always period movies. That, annotated with literary narratives, and vintage aspects make it for a typical way to establish the culture of Bengal!

4. Kashmir
Snowcapped peaks isn't really a stereotype, because it's quite a geographical truth. However what is a stereotype is the inculcation of violence. Be it in a Shakespearean drama or a love story, Kashmir's perception has long gone from the magical vantage point used during Kashmir ki Kali.

5. Goa
Fun, fun, and fun. Goa's stereotypes are probably the most justified including the hippie foreigner with dreadlocks, typical midi-dress wearing Christian ladies, and some absolutely unforgettable moments under inebriation. If stereotypes could get true, it doesn't get better than this!

6. Punjab
Raise your hands if the only way you can identify Punjab in Bollywood is through the following: sugarcane, tractor, and mustard fields! Chiffon dupattas had an affinity of being flown around said fields, and starting from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge till Jab We Met -stereotypes of Punjab have remained absolutely the same. There is always also a gabru jawan hanging around somewhere stealing hearts of city women!

7. Bihar

Much like Delhi, the stereotypes of Bihar are laced with corrupt morals, extravagant scandals, and untoward politics. Guns galore, the state has been made famous for all things negative. We bet you will never see a normal love story set in Bihar without either of the protagonists being kidnapped, or killed, or in jail; and that is so totally untrue!

8. Rajasthan
No, not all Rajasthanis travel in vintage cars and ride horses as a passionate hobby, or are long lost princes. Maybe some are, sure. But all? Big palaces for homes, coiffed boys, cigar puffing men, and pearl adorned women -Rajasthan is depicted in Bollywood as though we are still living in the 1930s. Or earlier.

9. Tamil Nadu
Facades of home done up in traditional ways, and a subliminal ambient sound of Carnatic music -the stereotypes always include gajra, some over the top mischief and misbegotten references to Rajnikanth. There is also always a science enthusiast lurking in the air!

10. Uttar Pradesh
Ghats of Varanasi are ubiquitous in movies based in Uttar Pradesh and, we might add it's always Holi time! Add to that some small alleyways whiffing with the smell of kebabs! It's done to death, and yet it's done in each movie time and again.

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