11 Hidden Jewels Of Scotland You Ought To Visit

Poorabi Gaekwad | September 06, 2016 14:45 IST

We have all fantasized about heading off to Scotland for our vacations and check out the various distilleries and countryside sceneries that adore our desktop wallpapers.

But wait just yet, the country is not just a stunning sight. Scotland hides so many hidden jewels; you can't do justice to them without visiting them.

And, so, here is a list of the unexplored places one ought to take a tour off.

1. The West Highland Train
The West Highland Train connects Glasgow to the outside capital of Scotland, Fort William. And it is deemed as one of the most picturesque train journeys in the world.

2. Fingal's Cave
Fingal's Cave is one of the most fascinating places you can find in Scotland. What is so unique about this cave is that the hexagonal columns of basalt were made by an ancient volcano flow, as it is located on Isle of Staffa, which is an uninhabited volcanic island. Cruises and boats can take you there but not inside and you will need to walk along the rocks.

3. Ring of Brodgar
The Ring of Brodgar was also called Temple of the Sun and it is thought to have been used for ancient rituals and ceremonies. Right now, the ring is not open for visitors but you can definitely explore the valley and observe this ring from a distance.

4. Mull of Galloway
The Mull of Galloway, another beautiful landscape, provides you with a bird's eye view of the coastline of Scotland. After climbing more than a hundred steps of the lighthouse, the scenery which awaits you is absolutely worth it.

5. Fairy Pools
By far the most underrated places to visit in Scotland, Fairy Pools are found at the foot of Black Cuillins and should be a must on your places to visit in Scotland. The people who visit this place refer to swimming in it as 'wild swimming' as the water is crystal blue and freezing cold, even in the summer.

6. Corryvreckan Whirlpool
Correyvreckan Whirlpool is the largest whirlpool on the earth and a very dangerous place to go to in the British Isles.

Why you should visit it? The tour operators in the area provide daily boat trips around the whirlpool and the Gulf of Correyvreckan. It is something you can only find in Scotland!

7. Rosslyn Chapel
All those who have read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, this is the shrine you should definitely visit. As legends of the Knights Templar go, underneath the church is a stone crypt that contains the treasure of the Knights and has the Holy Grail.

8. Luskentyre Beach
The beautiful Luskentyre Beach can be found in the Isle of Harris. It's beautiful sandy shore, clear blue water truly do provide a spectacular view of the ocean and is a must visit for anyone who goes to Scotland.

9. Dolphin watching at Moray Firth
Morey Firth is very famous among people primarily for Dolphin watching. Sightings of the Moray Firth Dolphins are highest in the Chanonry Point area because it's a favourite spot for dolphins to find food. Apart from this, you learn many new skills, differentiating between different kinds of dolphins, field skills and revel in the beauty of the wildlife that is exclusive to Scotland.

10. Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye is the largest and the most major island in the Inner Hebrides, which is a chain of Islands. Some people call the atmosphere to be dramatic, but all we can say is fascinating.

11. Water of Leith Walkway
The walkway is a path alongside the river Water of Leith, and it is well-known primarily for walking and cycling. It is the main river of Scotland, and albeit, it's only a walkway, this path is bound to show you the beauty of this river. And you can also try your hand at fishing!

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