11 Low-Fat Sweets With Mangoes

NDTV Good Times | April 27, 2016 17:58 IST

As Indians we are born to be sweet-eaters! Be it halwa or gulaab jamun after a family dinner or simply a scoop of ice cream while on that long drive with a loved one. And when sweets are combined with mangoes- well that just doubles the fun! Relished in every form and especially so, during these hot summer days when we all crave yummy food to beat the heat. We bring you this ridiculously tempting list of simple Indian sweets that will make you have a guilt-free summer!

1. Semi-dry mango cheesecake
The best combination of sweet and savory!  Who does not enjoy a slice of mango cheesecake? You can add a healthy twist by making a low-fat mixture of mango puree with almond butter, some crunchy crackers and natural sweetener to make a nice paste of a multi layered mango cheesecake, this summer!

2. Mango & Orange Ice Lollies
A twist of yogurt  and ice and you have yourself a nice icy popsicle! Use fresh mango juice with some orange pulp mixed together in a mold to enjoy a homemade batch of exotic ice lollies! Stay fresh, stay healthy, and stay guilt-free!

3. Mango kulfi
Kulfis are always fun to eat, and everything gets better when you add your favourite fruit to it! This summer, make your favorite mango kulfi and we will help you keep it hassle free! Use low-fat cream milk, some cardamom powder and mango pulp to keep the flavor of this heavenly dish alive. Add pistachios for garnish and let the taste of its authenticity do the rest!

4. Mango Shrikhand
A delicious preparation that works wonders in beating the heat, mango shrikand is essentially yogurt and mangoes. Grated mangoes in some smooth cardamom paste, you can eliminate your need to use sugar completely as shrikand is an already sweetened fruit that has a tangy flavor. With some elaichi and saffron, you can prepare your own sweet yet non-fat mango shrikand!

5. Mango sorbet
A happy meal is a healthy meal! Use some organic sugar, chunks of freshly cut mangoes, lime juice and vanilla extract to bring out the smooth texture of the mango sorbet! Eat it as a sweet dish or keep it in the freezer to store for later, this low-fat preparation will surly compensate for that evening pakora snacking!

6. Mango pancakes
The perfect breakfast! Cook some pancake batter in a hot pan, pour some honey or fat-free flavored syrup, add mango pulp on top with any other fruit or even some nuts and enjoy a mix of sweetness right at the start of your day!

7. Mango kheer
One of the oldest and most preferred sweets in almost every Indian household, kheer brings a smile on everyone's faces! Prepare a batch of mango kheer with pistachios and cinnamon powder. Avoid too many dried fruits and use natural sugar instead of white sugar to keep it fat free!

8. Mango barfi
Lots of people use mango barfi on several occasions - as presents to give to loved ones on festivals or to serve as dessert. Substitute the process of making barfi with natural sweetner like agave nectar, keep the usage of oil to its minimum and garnish few slices of cashew nuts instead of using up the entire pack of dry fruits!

9. Mango phirni
Make sure the rice is de-starched, the milk is not full cream and the sugar is natural! Prepare this mango phirni and give the traditional flavours a different twist of your own preference of thinkness and consistency to keep everyone satisfied!

9. Mango lassi
In the hottest time of the year, just having colas can get pretty boring! How about having a nice blend of mango lassi with minimal sugar and enjoy the taste of your favourite seasoned mangoes! You can add some yoghurt for viscosity and lessen the use of milk.

11. Mango custard
Using low fat milk and yogurt, prepare a nice and creamy mango custard. You can refrigerate it for a while before serving and enjoy the enhanced mango flavor with its beautiful texture.

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