12 Toasts That Will Completely Revolutionize Mealtime

Shiralie Chaturvedi | September 25, 2017 17:46 IST

Toasts are an interesting food if we look at them objectively. They are definitely easier, at least seemingly, to prepare but are such revolutionaries especially in the age of social media that it seems like being successful at the art of making that perfect toast or open sandwich is something that takes a lot of skill. That's primarily because all the variety of veggies, berries, chocolate, proteins -everything that you can fashion upon just a slice of bread. And now we help you out with 12 such toasts that will completely blow your mind away!

1. Sunset Toast
Bacon + Zucchini + Clementine + Peaches = Sunset hues for your next breakfast meal


2. Wilderness Toast
Edible flowers + White Cream = Minimal beauty that matches gloomy but stunning meadows of the English countryside.


3. Flower Party Toast
Pear + Gorgonzola + Lettuce + Lemon = A toast that is innocently beautiful in its ingredients but powerful in its taste.


4. Minimal Aesthetics
6 toasts + fruit shaper + Berries = The perfect happy toasts equipped to turn every frown upside down.


5. Meal Toast
Avocado + Asparagus + Tomatoes + Edamame = The salad you never knew you liked until it was on the toast.


6. Pastel Toast
Devilled Eggs + Beets + Turmeric = Soft toasts that are smooth and melty on your mouth and soft in their appearance.


7. Painting Toast
Berries + Jams + Sprinkles = If birthday toasts were a thing that could become wallpapers, this would be it.


8. Anda Toast

Egg + Butter = The everyday toast that charges you for the morning ahead sans any pretentions.

anda toast

9. Date Night Toast
Mushrooms + Herbs + Walnuts + Tomatoes = The decadent warm toast perfect for a romantic time.


10. Tea Party
Spinach + Strawberries + Tomatoes = Pink and green like a garden full of blooms perfectly paired with bone-china.

tea party

11. Adventure Toast 

Colours + Seeds = Something so surreal, you may not even want to eat it!

tea toast


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