18 Things We Expect Out Of 2018

Shiralie Chaturvedi | January 03, 2018 14:43 IST

2018, like every year, comes with hopes and infinite dreams, but rather than expecting something on an individual level it is time to think expansively so that everyone's tomorrow is bettered thereby exclusively benefiting us as well.

1. Lesser pollution so we don't choke from the fault of those who are continually ignoring that for every action there is a ripple effect reaction.

2. Smarter population that is mindful of the imbalance that is between resources and allocated distribution, a population that doesn't let societal pressures increase that which we can't afford to have increased.

3. Empathetic politics for those of us elect a leader entrusting them with our well-being, and believing that they will think in a more inclusive way than an isolated one.


4. Softer celebrations that don't want all of us to plug in ear-buds, and scare our furry friends, so that the celebration isn't being disapproved and everyone can enjoy without feeling a searing headache and a clogged chest!

5. Sympathetic activism so the liberals don't jump on the bandwagon of mud-slinging and actually understand the plight of those living in the grassroots hoping that an activist wouldn't just give fodder to prime-time but come to their aid.

6. Superior cinema that is though provoking and not easy that makes every frame riveting and worth the time we spend watching them rather than everything being a copy of a set trope!

7. More vocal celebrities who speak their mind, and not just about things that matter to them, but one that matter to the fans who invest their love and devotion towards them!

8. No more assaults that jolt you to your core, to your sense, to your most vulnerable bit and sure you get out of that and come out stronger but wouldn't it be better if the assaults just didn't happen because someone puny wanted to feel powerful?

9. No shaming of body, of looks, of colour, of gender, of race, of nothing because shaming has no place in this world because we aren't divinity to comment or demand a change because it is imperative we eliminate it.

10. More food to consume less to waste and the way to do that is by honouring and respecting the basic need and importance for food!

11. Cleaner roads to make everyone feel that we care about our surroundings and wouldn't want to compromise on cleanliness of our home, and what is our country if not that?!

12. Greener pastures so we cocoon ourselves in the mysticism of nature that doesn't let us down even after we treat it with contempt.

13. Higher literacy for all of the ones who are deprived of the knowledge that the world holds, the singular simple key to gaining wisdom and perspective.

14. Better representation of women in the workforce because where else will you find that empathy, that creativity, and that empowerment?!

15. Greater tolerance so people don't kill each other for what they eat, what they wear, who they love, where they park, and what they watch.

16. Nicer people so no stranger can just randomly shatter the confidence of someone they don't even know, so the world isn't full of self-doubting people because someone they don't even know was rude to them just because they could.

17. Smaller squabbles so people ultimately resort to healthy communication rather than jumping down each other's throats all the time!

18. Healthier bodies so that we are happy, centred, strong, and calmer because we wish to be strong, not a particular size.

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