19 Uses That Make Coconut Oil Magical

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | July 24, 2017 18:02 IST

Oil in abundance, with uses that are endless

Coconut oil is available to us in abundant quantities. However, due to the lack of knowledge about this wonderful, magical oil, people seldom use it. And those who do, don't know its full potential and benefits and it various uses, yet! Well, get enlightened! Your miracle worker is a household item! Here are 20 uses that make coconut oil truly magical:

1. In the kitchen
Coconut oil is a staple that is commonly used in cooking and baking. It is used in abundance in the southern part of India, in order to infuse the various recipes with tons of flavor. It can also be used in baking, as a non-stick spray element or as a substitute for butter.


2. Natural Moisturizer
Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It penetrates through the skin and truly heals it from the inside! One will find no better moisturizer than this well-oiled machine, literally.

3. Natural Sunscreen
With a power of SPF 4, coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen, protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. It also contains natural antioxidants that protect and rejuvenate the skin. Sure it's not strong enough to shield against the sun's growing radiations, but it does the trick if applied every day.



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4. Conditioner
Would you like a conditioner that prevents heals a flaky scalp, moisturizes to the core and strengthens hair, all for free and all naturally? Well, coconut oil is your new best bud. Unlike other conditioners, you must massage the oil and let to soak for at least an hour, all before you actually wash your hair!


5. Miracle Healer
Coconut oil helps heal an injury or infection faster than some ointments. Its natural and powerful. Just apply it where the wound or scar persists and it will, eventually, not exist.

6. Cold sores gone
The most annoying thing on any cold winter or dry summer day is chapped lips. And suddenly your whole day is ruined when you feel and spot that painful blister! Use coconut oil to gradually heal such blisters and aid your lips as a balm.


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7. Improves internal body functions
Consuming coconut oil in its natural form everyday can benefit your body internally. Hormone functions will improve and there'll be better blood circulation. Sure you can't see or feel these occurrences, but you'll certainly feel healthier.



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8. Maintains your smile
Using coconut oil as toothpaste has quite a few benefits. It prevents gum disease and tooth decay. It also acts as a breath freshener. Want to get rid of bad breath? Just gargle with some coconut oil and you'll smell the difference.

9. Make-up remover
Had a long night at that fancy party? You probably just want to get home and crash. Oh but wait, you have to take off your make up, unless you want to look like The Joker the next morning. Don't want t give yourself a scare the first in the morn! No worries! Coconut oil is here to aid you. It removes all traces of make-up and leaves your face looking healthier, with a shine.


10. Massage Oil
Replace your heavy lotions with some natural coconut oil for a relaxing massage. You already know how it'll benefit your skin. Need we say more?

11. Bath Oil
If you're a fan of long warm baths, you need to try coconut oil in place of your complex bath salts. Soften your lovely bath and your skin with this aromatic, naturally healing oil.


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12. Pet-friendly
Are you sick of all the shedding and the dry coat your pet is exhibiting? Well, be it a cat, dog or guinea pig, this pet-friendly oil is sure to work its magic and help reduce shedding and increase the lush and shine of your pet's fur coat. Just be wary of the nutrient oil content already present on your pet before your begin massaging. Besides, even out mini-animal buddies need a nice massage after a long day of waiting!

13. No more stretch marks
Listen up women! Coconut oil will be your best bud during times of pregnancy and in the aftermath. Gently massage virgin coconut oil atop the stretch marks and let it stay on overnight. Next morning, wash it off with some lukewarm water and witness the magic.

14. Cracked heels no more
Are crack heels preventing you from wearing your brand new, stylish slippers? Apply coconut oil and let the healer work its magic. You just get ready to flaunt your footwear and your feet!

15. Ink Cleaner
All you fountain pen users listen up. You're probably used to ink accidents. Refilling the pen can come with a cost! But coconut oil will put to at ease. Apply this miracle worker on the area of smudge on your skin and wait for 2-3 minutes before rubbing it off. You're ink will soon become invisible ink!



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16. Amazing lubricant
Are your kitchen appliances working slowly and with maximum friction? Well, get rid of the rusted conditions with coconut oil! Rub a thin layer over the blade of kitchen appliances to keep them running smoothly.


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17. Easy grease
Give that dull metal a shine with this natural polisher. Apply a layer of coconut oil with a soft cloth and let it sit on the metallic surface for a few minutes before further buffing it. Then, accept its shine!


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18. Weight Loss
A spoonful of coconut oil for the fitness you desire. With its essential, healthy fatty acids, adults who are looking to lose weight will benefit from consuming around 3 tablespoons throughout the day once they get used to it.

19. Health Booster

For a physical and mental energy boost, consume coconut oil regularly. This is the secret to feeling healthy, protected and rejuvenated.


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