4 Benefits of Having Matcha Coffee

Shiralie Chaturvedi | October 11, 2017 17:58 IST

Matcha is certified hipster. But Matcha is also certified awesome. Not only is it appealing to eyes with its smooth freshness, but it is also one of the most effective superfoods out there. Don't believe us? Simply read on!

1. Abundant Antioxidants
Matcha is loaded with antioxidants, so much so that it defeats one and all superfoods in being your go-to for nutrients! Not only is a cup of Matcha good to look at, but it will also ward off your chances of getting cancer because of its epigallocatechin gallate properties. You really can't argue with that!


2. Alleviating Acne 
Did you know Matcha helps in having a healthier skin? Apparently it is so amazing that people are known to use Matcha face packs as well! All because the antibacterial properties of this superfood leads to complete wash away of acne.


3. Careful Caffeine 
The thing with regular coffee is that as quickly it picks you up, similarly you come crashing down when the effect dies. However, Matcha gives you all the highs without the lows. It is a calm uprising within you that seeps in without additional weirdness. And truthfully that's better while trying to be productive.


4. Calculated Calories
Not only does it look good, taste good, is healthy, gives you a hit without the jitters, leads to better skin and breath -but also has minimum calories! One of the most potent benefits of Matcha is indeed it's low calorie content because something that good and doesn't even lead to excess fat is so totally welcomed!



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