4 Skiing Spots In India That Should Be On Your Bucketlist

Shiralie Chaturvedi | December 08, 2017 15:12 IST

What's winter without winter sports? And some adventure. And some snow. And a lot of adrenaline?! We bet you didn't think that all your skiing trips needn't wait out for an exotic international location and that you could indulge in the most immersive of all winter sports in the comfort of India itself.

Don't believe us? Just try these places out with you ski and snow gear and be surprised!

1. Gulmarg

First up, is this perfect mix of comfort, affordability, yet absolutely classy, in the form of Gulmarg. The destination is perfect for snow lovers and ski enthusiasts alike. Plus the terrain is actually quite favourable for skiing and the view quite stunningly picturesque.


2. Kufri

If a place just sounds cold, trust it to be colder than it sounds. That's the case with Kufri. The place sounds positively cold and that just means that your time spent there will be worth it. Pad up and start skiing!


3. Rohtang

We bet you visited this destination when you visited Manali countless times as a kid, and you were forced to participate in some group activity that involved winter sports. But what you found merely a game then can now be completely realized as an adventure sport! Skiing at Rohtang is one of the things we think every Indian should do once in your lifetime!


4. Solang Nala 

And finally. This destination is perfect for everything from paragliding, to skiing, to snowboarding. Solang Nala is beautiful, it's heightened, and perfect spot for you to unleash your winter Olympian.



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