5 Alternate Ways To Use Your Regular Makeup Products

Malvika Mahajan | January 25, 2017 12:32 IST

Experimenting with makeup looks is what we all started at a young age but let's bring a twist to this. How about experimenting with makeup products and discovering a completely new use for the same old customary use of makeup? Here's a list of 5 products and their innovative alternate use that every makeup enthusiast must try!

1. Crème Lipstick
Your favourite lipstick can be used as a Crème eye shadow. And what's more? Your DIY eye shadow will be long lasting with an extremely high pigment. Just apply it on the lids and use your eye shadow brush with translucent powder to merge it and set it.

2. Eye- shadow Brush
The small spongy brush is not only amazing to blend your eye shadows, but it can be used for applying highlighter on your nose, cheeks or eyelids. The small size ensures that the highlighter doesn't spread and is on point.


3. Liquid Matte Lipsticks
These lipsticks are definitely trending but there is more to them than just the stunning texture. You can use them as a liquid liner that is smudge proof! So get ready to own a collection of sensation liners in all funky colours.


4. Brown Eye Shadow
Did you know your favourite brown eye shadow is multipurpose? It can be used to contour your face if it's matte or as a bronzer if it's with glitter. What's more? You can also use it as an eyebrow filler with an angular brush and get perfect eyebrows in no time!


5. Eye Shadow Pigments
You can use your pigmented pink and peach eyeshadows as a blush, the golden, ivory and silver as a highlighter and the brownish ones as bronzers. You can also experiment with colours and add that edge to your look by going for a burnt orange or light red blush.


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