5 Amazing Photobooth Ideas For Your Wedding

Anisha Kanungo | March 06, 2017 18:22 IST

Why is it that you work so hard on your wedding outfits, makeup, ceremonies and all the paraphernalia surrounding a wedding? It is because you know you will be thoroughly photographed, and you want every click to look perfect! One big trend to make interesting memories from your wedding day is a photo-booth. Capturing your crazy friends and relatives striking all sorts of poses with the props will not only make your wedding album interesting but will entertain your guests too.

Here are ingredients for the perfect photo booth!\

1. Romantic Booth
 Swaying ribbons and bouquets of colour-coordinated flowers! The romance of it all is mesmerizing! It's the perfect backdrop not just for pictures of the bride and groom but for all your other guests too!



2. Prop Booth
If you want to opt for a fun booth, you need to stack it up with props that will allow guests to make quirky poses. Instead of a mushy and typical photo session, you can have something cool and innovative instead!

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3. Retro Booth
A glossy backdrop goes far in creating stunning picture compositions. How about some shimmering disco-esque props and facade for some retro fun?


4. The Boho Booth
Take some ribbons, add some paper lamps, gets your friends together and create your own arts and crafts photo-booth. You can have a completely DIY facade that can bring about all the camaraderie associated with wedding festivities!

photo booth

5. Vintage Booth
Surely this is the rarest of all the themes, but a quaint and dainty little tea party setting is a super pretty way to make some memories. And if the men aren't too keen on this, have a fun bridesmaid's photo session here instead!

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