5 Countries To Visit If You Are Nursing A Broken Heart

Bhavya Jha | February 27, 2017 17:10 IST

There may be varied reasons for a heartbreak, but the trauma that follows is more or less the same for everyone. Be it the actions you regret, conversations you over analyze, or situations you wished were different, your brain is flooded with various emotions. Sometimes all you need is to clear your head by travelling away from all the things that remind you of the heartbreak. But you also need to choose the destination carefully in order to make the most out of your healing trip.

Here's a list of 5 destinations you can choose from according to the therapy you need!

1. Italy- Hog On Comfort Food
Nothing heals a broken heart better than a hearty meal. If the awe-inspiring art and architecture are not enough to take your mind off the heart-break, Italy has all the comfort food that you need and more. Aside from the traditional pizza and gelato, you can never have enough of the panzanella, and lasagna. Don't miss out on the coffee and custard delight, tiramisu which literally means 'pick-me-up'.


2. Vegas- Party All Night
A wild weekend in the sin city can sometimes be all that you need to get over the emotional baggage you had been carrying. The unrivaled night life full of carefree lovers of life will have you gripped and you'd love to let loose for a few hours. The shimmering azure pools and ever so blaring casinos are other attractions too soothe your heartache.


3. Paris- Shop Till You Drop
High fashion, street shopping or the unique Parisian shopping experience, the city of lights takes retail therapy to a whole new level. Quirky independent shops at the Rue De Cheron, or the laid-back vibes of Etienne Marcel, Paris offers a shopping experience for all your post break up moods. Return with a suitcase full of classy and chic and your renewed wardrobe will be more than enough to motivate you to move on.


4. Bali- Find Peace
The incredibly beautiful Bali with its religious fervour will clear your brain off all the negative thoughts you tend to have after a heartbreak. Be it the spa retreats, cycling or soul-searching by the beach or unleashing the artist within at various workshops, the peaceful recreational activities in Bali will help you start over on a fresh note.


5. Thailand- Meet Someone New
Bustling with people from all over the world, all across the breath-taking beaches and modern urban sprawl, Thailand is an amazing destination for a post break-up solo trip. Go on dates or have a heart to heart conversation with an absolute stranger by the beach and you'll feel lighter in no time.

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