5 Dishes From Our Childhood That Make Us Miss Summer Vacations

Sejal Mehra | June 09, 2017 12:06 IST

Summer vacations are one of the happiest memories from our childhoods! They were all about fun, recreation, catching up, lazying around and topping it all, awesome food! These yummy dishes were simply, in one word - cool (both ways). With summer at its peak, it's time to take that nostalgic detour. Let's relive these memories by relishing the much loved summer foods from our childhood!

1. Strawberries And Cream
There is something about this pink dish that just makes you feel good instantly! This one's to the days when one serving was simply never enough after a long day of playing out in the sun. The tangy strawberries mixed with sweet whipped cream, definitely created magic.


2. Mango And Vanilla Ice-Cream
Vanilla ice cream was always too plain till you mixed it with diced juicy mangoes. A simple bowl of ice-cream would morph into the best dessert ever when topped with mangoes. No amount of expensive sundaes can ever replace the taste of this simple yet powerful duo!


3. Raita
On a hot sunny afternoon, nothing would be better than a butter-coated aloo paratha with a bowl full of cold raita. Everyone has a different way of making it. Some add cucumber, and some add boondi and some just simply put masala in yogurt. But no matter what you put, it always tastes just as refreshing.


4. Black Beauty
Everybody craves two things in the summer - a cold glass of coca cola and a big bowl of vanilla ice-cream. But the superstar of summer foods was created when both were mixed. You could drink it with a straw or eat it with a spoon. Years before the popular Mc float, it was every child's dream come true!


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5. Rooh Afza


We survived the heat of the summer because of this mighty drink, rooh afza! We mixed it with water, milk or even soda and have grown up drinking the scarlet delight. No mocktail in the world can replace the emotions associated with this summer drink.


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