5 Healthy Foods That Aren't That Healthy

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 02, 2017 13:26 IST

The older we grow, the more specific we become about what to intake, when to intake, and how to intake -this is especially true with regards to a lot of superfoods! There are multiple chances that a lot of foods we believe are healthy aren't exactly that. A lot of them are moulded as per market demands, and palate requirements. So we bring you a list of foods you should be careful about consuming under the guise of health!

1. Granola Bar
The idea of granola bars as a snack is always appealing -it's fulfilling because of the fiber and nutritious thanks to proteins! However store bought granola bars aren't as healthy because they use a lot of processed sugar as compared to the ones made at home!

granola bars

2. Fruit Juice
No, you drinking a glass of full of packaged fruit juice is actually not at all healthy! It's exactly as you drinking an aerated drink! Instead eat a fruit -it's juicy, sweet and not carbonated at all!


3. Fruit Loops
However a lot of these especially our favourite fruit loops are made with increased level of sugar. How about having a fiber based cereal instead? Like Muesli!


4. Flavoured Yoghurt
Okay, we agree this is a tricky stance but it's better to add fruit to a simple unflavoured yoghurt than to have a flavoured option because more often than not a lot of excess sugar is added to it for a better taste!


5. Sports Drinks
It's an unnecessary inclusion to your diet, unless you are undertaking powerful movements such an athletic competition. Plus - it has a lot of sugar that can be very damaging to your health! If you want to hydrate yourself- opt for some cold infused water instead.

carbonated drinks
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