5 Indian Summer Drinks Beyond Lassi And Chhaas

Anushka Kukreja | June 16, 2017 15:44 IST

Summer is here and this is the time we all crave a chilled beverage to beat the heat. It's time we drink gallons of cold thirst-quenchers to keep ourselves hydrated, lassi and chhaas topping the list. But how about guzzling down some other traditional Indian chillers to keep yourself cool and calm in this blistering heat?

1) Shikanji
This had to be number one on our list. Shikanji, North India's favorite summer drink is basically lemonade with an Indian twist. Who doesn't love drinking Shikanji in this scorching heat? It's easy to make, delicious and freshening.

summer drinks

2) Aam Panna
It's summer, and we just can't skip a mango drink in this list of summer drinks. Aam panna is a tangy drink made of raw mangoes. This sweet and sour drink is a perfect change for our taste buds.

aam panna


3) Thandai
A Holi drink! Thandai is a traditional drink made with milk and almonds. It's an excellent milk based refreshing drink that is perfect for summers.


4) Rooh Afza
Rooh afza or rose squash has been the staple drink for summers since forever now! Rooh Afza has cooling agents and works wonders for rejuvenating you during summer.


5) Jal Jeera
This Indian drink is known to aid digestion. This thirst- quencher is tasty, healthy and also facilitates cooling. It can be used as an appetizer also because of its digestive properties.



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