5 Kind of Friends You Should Definitely Have In Your Lifetime

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 14, 2017 15:43 IST

If you ask us, friends are sometimes more important than your significant others -they are mostly supportive, always unconditional with their love, and a 100% times less dramatic! But, out of the hundreds of them you will accumulate over the course of your life, we have a list of those 5 kind of friends that you must-must have!

1. The Wild Child
Firstly they are an important, and an indispensable element during your rebellion phase. Bringing you out of your comfort zone, encouraging you to try out adventurous stuff, and most importantly enabling you with the confidence of letting loose! They quickly become one of your best friends, but just like they bring excitement to your life, you should also try bring some stability to theirs!

2. The Intelligent One
They ooze out wisdom not just when it concerned exams or studies, but generally as well. Ever since you have known them they are your go-to for notes, for advice, and to dispense some truth bombs! It's good to keep them around because you get a lot of unsolicited gyaan, and also unsolicited information about the world!

3. The Parent
These are the opposite of the wild child, complete with asking you to never try adventurous things. But of course, you do these; and then they are the ones probably cleaning up your puke after a night out! They take their responsibilities as friends very seriously, and don't want you making rash decisions that they know you will regret on later!

4. The Fashionista
Best. People. Ever. From a work meeting to a date-night to a road-trip, these friends know exactly what you should wear and how you can dress to impress! They know all the contents of your wardrobe, so you can trust them to help you during any sartorial crisis!

5. Non-Judgmental
Well, also the best people ever. Regardless if you are the wild child or the parent or whomever -they never judge. They patiently listen to your woes, they offer advice when asked, they stay quiet when you want to rant; they are literally the most sorted people ever. They are also the ones who morph slowly, and gradually from just friends to best friends forever!

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