5 Must-Try Lassi To Have This Season

Riya Sachdeva | May 22, 2017 11:01 IST

Lassi, a sweet yogurt delight, originated in Punjab is now relished across India. It is the best summer cooler giving you a high dose of probiotics at the same time. It is loved by all and is enjoyed by everyone in its classic form with only three ingredients curd, water, and sugar.

You can experiment with different flavors and create your own favorite lassi in seconds! There is a whole new world of flavors to explore. Here is a list you can try.

1. Avocado Lassi
Avocados are already known for their healthy properties. But when you make a lassi with it, you are mixing two cultures together. This unique blend of Indian and western culture will be a yummy delight you encountered.


2. Mint Lassi
Crush fresh mint leaves and add it to your lassi and get ready to see its magic. It will give a nice and fresh flavor to your daily lassi and will give a brand new taste to your taste buds.


3. Papaya and Honey Lassi
Break the blues with this papaya and honey lassi. It is a different type of lassi you would like to try. It is not as sweet as your traditional mango lassi but it can set the fire with the perfect blend of ingredients. Try this and thank us later!


4. Chocolate Lassi
Chocolate? Sold. This unique flavor of lassi will make you cringe and give your taste buds their daily batch of chocolate. Top it up with almonds and get ready to quench your thirst with this delish!


5. Kiwi and Mint Lassi
Kiwi, a tangy fruit, can go really well with this sweet drink filled with goodness. Add some mint leaves to complete the flavor. You can experiment with adding rosewater to give it a slight fragrance of roses, to make it hard to resist!



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