5 Party Themes You Can Steal From Bollywood

Bhavya Jha and Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 10, 2017 17:35 IST

Weekends mean parties, parties mean endless fun, and who better than the Bollywood to tell us how to ace all kinds of parties. So here are some great thematic ideas for your next party, with super inspiration from our very own movie industry!

1. Camp Party- Shaam Bhi Koi
 A bonfire, some floral crowns, tasseled clothes, and some neon tents - these are all the makings of an epic camping party. Gather all your friends, go to a remote hill top (not too remote) and have the best time of your lives!

2. House Party- Kar Gayi Chul
 A house party is pretty much the chillest way to have fun. All you have to literally do is find an empty pad, call in your friends, get some pizza, and the merriment can begin then and there!

3. Karaoke- Oye Boy Oye Boy All you need is a microphone, a portable projector and some cool karaoke videos. Bad or good, you and your friends need to put your most musical self on the forefront and enjoy!

4. Family Party- Gallan Goodiyan
 Well, what you may need here is slightly tricky. A family full of confident people who can shake a leg without feeling inhibited. Put some peppy numbers, wear your most comfortable shoes and have fun -full filmy style!

5. Slumber Party- ABCD
 This is a party you can have in your pajamas. We don't think it gets better than this. Ratty PJs or coordinated nightsuits, pick some pillows up, put some music on and dance away the night!

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