5 Places To Travel To Make The Most Out of Your Holi Weekend

Anisha Kanungo | March 08, 2017 12:50 IST

'Holi Hai' is not just a phrase, it's an emotion! It's another opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones and 2017 has been rather supportive, offering us a second long weekend after Republic Day. This year and gives you an opportunity to make the most out of this colourful festival as the fun lasts longer and you can finally plan that trip you've kept on hold for so long. We suggest these 5 amazing destinations to visit to make your Holi unforgettable one.

1. Shigmotsav, Goa 
Shigmotsav is Goa's most vibrant festival. It is like holi and is celebrated over a period of 14 days. Throughout the festival, Goan mythologies are showcased. The 5th day of the festival is 'Rang Panchami' which witnesses crazy celebrations amidst vibrant colors and peppy music. This is the perfect time to try a different side of Goa, aside from the regular windy beaches and streets.


2. Holla Maholla , Punjab
While the nation celebrates Holi, Punjab celebrates Hola. Hola is the masculine form of Holi and mohalla is army style procession. Anandpur Sahib is bustling during this time with processions of Nihang warriors dressed in their traditional attire and wielding weapons, mock battles, elephant and horse rides and of course lungar. If playing with colors is not what you want to do this time, experience this Sikh festival where people display their thrilling martial art skills.


3. Lathmaar Holi Tour, Barsana And Phoolan Wali Holi, Vrindavan
No Holi enthusiast can miss this unique celebration that takes place in Barsana, which is a 115 kms from Delhi, in Uttar Pradesh. Men from the neighbouring Nandgoan town come to Barsana to be greeted with Lathis thrown at them by the women. This is symbolic of Lord Krishna being chased away by the local women, as he came to visit Radha, the love of his life. Since Lathmaar Holi happens a few days before the actual festival, travel to Vrindhavan to celebrate Phoolo wali holi, played only with flowers.


4. Camping At Bhandardara 
This destination is best suited for all those who want an escape from the loud festivities and spend a peaceful weekend away from the craziness. Go for a serene camping trip to Bhandardara. Sleep under the stars and feel close to nature in this mystical holiday resort village 185 kilometers from the bustling city of Mumbai.


5. Pench Tiger Reserve 
Another destination for peace lovers is Pench Tiger Reserve. It derives its name from the Pench River that spreads across two states: Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. This reserve is a nature's delight encompassing 225 species of birds. It is home to several wildlife species like the Bengal tiger, dhole, wolf, hyena, jackal, leopard and the jungle cat. This reserve is full of grasslands and rich forests. This is a sight that cannot be missed.

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