5 Reasons Why Alia Bhatt is Everyone's First Love

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 15, 2017 13:30 IST

Young, beautiful, sorted, smart, and together -these adjectives barely do justice to Alia Bhatt! Proving her mantle and shaking the normative in an industry where women actresses are largely divided between arty and commercial, she is a force to reckon with! And these are 5 of the many reasons why we love and adore her so much! Check them out!

1. Movie Trajectory
 For someone who started her career with a bubbly role in Student of the Year, there were good chances of Alia Bhatt getting typecast as a typical mainstream masala actress. However, keeping a good balance she has opted for challenging and compelling roles, such as in Udta Punjab, that have shaped her as an actress who is versatile and experimental!

alia bhatt

2. Fashion Choices
Sneakers, fusion, young, effortless, elegant -it sounds like a bevy of stars and their styles rather than just one actress'. However Alia Bhatt sported all these looks, and was very good at carrying them off! From anti-fit dresses, to muted ball gowns, there isn't a look that Alia chose and failed at pulling off!

alia bhatt

3. Fans Favourite
Thanks to social media and more real-time interaction with fans, the young and effervescent Alia Bhatt is definitely a fan favourite. What else can explain that she has over 13.5 million followers on Instagram and 10.3 million followers on Twitter?! She is exceedingly popular within the new-age social media circles because of the way she let in on her fans to her quiet personal life, and is seemingly a ball to hang out with when concerning promotional duties -which speaks volumes about her approachability.

alia bhatt

4. Awards
It's no surprise that with immense hard-work comes great laurels too, and what started as a trend after Highway, Alia Bhatt has scooped up multiple awards for her roles and some have even overlapped -such in the case of Udta Punjab and Dear Zindagi!

alia bhatt

5. Criticism
Lastly, our favourite reason to love Alia! She was publicly humiliated after a slip on a talk show, and instead of giving into trolls, she fought back with poking humour on her ownself- proving she is as badass as they get! Watch this clip to know exactly how cool and amazing an actress, and a person she really is!


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