5 Reasons Why Ladakh Is The Best Destination For Your Adventurous Heart

Sejal Mehra | July 10, 2017 09:29 IST

Satisfy your inner traveller and go on the most dangerous yet the best vacation of your life. Before it's too late, pack your bags and leave for Ladakh. Trust us, you won't regret it. Here are 5 reasons why you should add Ladakh to your travel bucket list now!

1. There Is So Much To Do
This vacation will not be a one where you simply relax in your hotel room, shop a little and go back home. Ladakh never falls short of activities to try out. Magnetic hill (where the car moves forward on its own on a completely flat surface), Pangong Lake (yes, where the last scene of 3 idiots took place) and so many more monasteries you can visit.


2. The Sights Are Spectacular
Every mountain is a different shade of brown and each turn is a dangerous yet a beautiful one. You will find yourself lost in the breath-taking views of scenic mountains. Don't wait anymore and pack your bags for the most dangerous yet the most magnificent vacation you will ever take.

3. You Can Visit The Highest Motorable Road
The Khardung La pass at a height of more than 17,000 feet is something you can't miss. The hilly ride up till the point is tiresome and dangerous but once you reach up there, the sore legs and numb fingers don't really matter as you stop and take a look around. This trip is definitely not for the faint-hearted.


4. Enjoy A Desert In The Snowy Hills
Yes! You read that right. Nubra valley is located about 150 kilometres from the city of Leh and the only way to reach it is cross the Khardung La pass. With a lot of camping resorts, you will find yourself having the time of your life in this desert surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

5. The Food Is Simply Delicious
If you enjoy a bowl of delicious thupka and a plate of steamy hot momos, you are going to love the food here. If you don't, there are several bakeries that serve scrumptious and delightful food at throw-away prices. Humongous burgers and large sandwiches with plate full of crispy fries are just some of the things you can satiate your cravings with.


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