5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Massage Appointment Now

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 15, 2017 15:05 IST

Popular culture has it believed that massages are a niche luxury to access and enjoy, whereas massage therapy is very pertinent for a myriad of reasons. Whether you go to a fancy spa, or have someone close give you one -regular massages help in so much more than just relaxation!

Here are our top 5 reasons to enjoy some leisure massage time when you get a chance!

1. Relieves Anxiety
It's no surprise that massages are extremely relaxing; and why not! They open up your pores, and loosen out tense muscles, but apparently also provides relief to anxious people. Massages are said to clean your body of toxins and that in turn eases any kind of physical ache, as well as anxiety!


2. Alleviates Headaches
Due to relaxed muscles, there is less pressure on our nerves and blood vessels which thereby result in eased muscle tension, spasms and ultimately providing immense relief from headaches!


3. Improves Sleep
Even though most of us do get regular sleep at night, we don't wake up exactly feeling destressed and rejuvenated. That's because subconsciously our bodies aren't at peace. Massage solves that, and even insomnia. Regular massages help in warding off stress hormones that leave you with a calmer sense of things, and remove excess thoughts. This leads to a more relaxed sleeping experience!


4. Easing Pre Menstrual Stress (PMS)
Massages are responsible for increasing blood circulation that is ultimately the reason why there is hormonal balance in our bodies. Massages also release endorphins that overall reduce any kind of cramps you may suffer from, thereby lessening the effects of PMS!


5. Promotes Agility
Massage therapy most importantly provides an able connection between our mind and body. It makes us aware of all the subliminal tension we feel across our muscles and our joints, and makes us more aware of all the minute details internal and external in our bodies. After all sometimes it is good to just relax and lie down, without really dozing off to sleep!



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