5 Things Around You That Can Make You Instantly Happy

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 20, 2017 13:41 IST

Happiness doesn't need to be elaborate or long-winding. It is in the most insignificant of moments which often go unnoticed. So before you realize and regret, here are quick and easy ways you can instantly feel happy. You can literally do any of these right now - and feel a thousand times better than you already do!

1. Dress Up
It really does help! Looking good does directly make you feel good. Maybe wear your make-up a little differently, or break into that new top you bought months ago but never wore. It's a quick fix for all woes, and guaranteed to make you feel better!

2. Eat Something You Like
If you are at work, order something totally yum -or if you are at home or just chilling, grab a bit to eat that resonates with something you love. It could be a cake, pizza, samosa, or just ghar ka khaana! Savour it, and feel instantly happy.

3. Help Someone In Need
Is your colleague struggling with a pitch? Can someone not find a pen? Is your friend going through a crisis? Simply offer some help, however small it may be. It will fill you with a sense of purpose, and that is always very pertinent in bringing a smile on anyone's face!

4. Decorate Your Work Desk
Try this out. Right now. Whether with sticky notes, or with some colourful papers, just make it a bit more lively. Even if your work is not absolutely dreadful and boring, and you enjoy it -it doesn't harm anyone in perking it up a little!


5. Make A Plan With Someone You Like
The spectrum can be as wide as your parents to just on your own. We aren't asking you to book tickets or a hotel room, but simply just start the ball rolling on planning a holiday or a quick getaway. Trust you, you will start feeling a little relaxed just thinking about a vacation.

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