5 Times Travel Gave Us Fashion Inspiration

Bhavya Jha | February 21, 2017 18:09 IST

Every place we visit brings in a new experience; it invokes different emotions, has different charms, attractions and styles. It's always a unique sight to see the locals, observe their lifestyles, what they eat and also how they dress. Their fashion ethos reflects in the markets and we're always tempted to bring home those pieces exclusive to the places we travel. They bring along a strong wave of memories every time we wear them. Here's a list of 5 such countries and styles that speak of their culture and feel and we guarantee that no trip to these places will be complete without these fashion takeaways.

1. Beret: France
Aside from the exquisite art and delicious food, the French take exceptional pride in their sartorial excellence. And a beret is no less than a sartorial heritage! It's an ageless fashion statement that the French adapted to an iconic level. This chic accessory has a vintage charm to it. It adds the right amount of sophistication to your midi shirt-dresses, Breton striped tops or just a casual sweatshirt!

eiffel tower

2. Babouches: Morocco
After a relaxing scrub at a local hammam, while you're taking a walk on the streets relishing in the quaint Moroccan culture, what is bound to grab your attention are these colourful pointed footwear. The markets are flooded with this rainbow coloured, patterned or sequined footwear locally known as babouches. It's comfortable and fashionable and will go with most of your street styles.


3. Aloha Shirt: Hawaii
An absolute beach holiday staple (especially if you love rocking dad fashion), the origin of the Aloha shirts can be traced back to the 1930s in Hawaii. From palm trees to exotic bugs, from blue skies to romantic sunsets, the colours and prints of these shirts literally cover every beautiful aspect of this set of islands. They can be worn all buttoned up with shorts or chinos or as an overlay with a mono toned t-shirt and denim pants!


4. Tartan: Scotland
As classic as the castles are the tartan prints. Haven't we all seen the Scottish men sport the traditional kilt? This versatile pattern effortlessly blends in all modern silhouettes, making it evergreen, and something that establishes Scottish legacy like nothing else. Do pay a visit to the National museum of Scotland, to witness the oldest tartan cloth dating back to 3rd century AD and we guarantee that it'll render you motivated to include this pattern in your wardrobe if not already.


5. Chamanto: Chile
Chile is not just home to South America's most diverse landscapes, it is also known for its elaborate and artistic traditional outfits. Chamanto, popularly known as poncho is one such piece. They're colourful, comfortable, adaptable to modern ensembles and also reversible! Yes, you heard us right. Layer it over a dress or wear it with a skirt or your favourite rain boots -ponchos are one the most comfy ways to look trendy.


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