5 Ways To Say Yes To Florals This Spring

Megha Bissa | February 20, 2017 17:37 IST

Ah! That feeling when one is refreshed, sun kissed and garnished with some fresh mist... Sounds oh so lovely, doesn't it? So how about translating the same to your wardrobe?

Push away the warm hues and say hello to some lively corals and florals because it's time to ring in spring! Floral is one trend that can never go out of fashion. Basis how you wear it, floral prints can behave over the top or modest; either way it doesn't fail to attract attention.

For all the women and men (yes, men wear floral prints) reading this, here's how you can flaunt floral prints confidently:

Ladies, let's start with the basics:

1. Clothing
So if you are someone who likes to keep it understated, let floral be the statement. Go for floral print on the top or bottom. You can neutralize your floral leggings, shorts, trousers or skirt with a simple white, black or grey top and let the flowers talk. Tanks, loose shirts or basic tees, pick any of these and you are spring ready! You can balance your floral tops with stark plain bottoms in basic blues, blacks or whites.

Break the monotony by teaming floral prints with fresh textures like lace, sheer, suede or crochet. Its diametrically opposite personalities helps in making the overall look super exciting and is absolute eye catchy. So on your next brunch with friends, consider wearing your favorite floral shorts with a nice lace blouse.

Go bold with flowers from head to toe with flowers from head to toe. Nothing speaks spring like floral print maxi dress can and is a complete must have for this upcoming season.

kanagana ranaut

In case of a business or lunch meeting, why not opt for a floral blazer or a jacket with trousers? Try it out; it will be a refreshing change for you as well as the others!

deepika deepika padukone

2. Scarves
A floral scarf is something that most of us would have. Its that one piece that instantly brightens any outfit and is apt for any time of the day. Use that piece in multiple ways on different days. Use it as a head band, as a turban, as a belt, tie it around your hand or just use it as a scarf. Floral scarves are easy to find and an absolute must have for this season.


3. Accessories
Shift focus to your accessories and transform a plain outfit within seconds by walking with flowers on your feet. Flats, heels, wedges or sneakers, whatever the shoe type may be they add a touch of playfulness and complement your outfit well.

accessories makeup accessories

4. Swimwear & Beachwear
Dip in the blue waters of wearing your floral best and shine like a sunflower.

When it comes to beaches, a floral transparent cover up is all you need. You an even mix and match your floral bikini tops and bottoms with a t-shirt and shorts respectively while strolling on the beach or break the florals with a solid colored piece while hitting the beach.

inner wear


5. Innerwear
Well no one gets to see it, but it will surely make you feel lively and bright. And oh, you can even show off those pretty floral straps with spaghetti or off shoulders tops sometimes.


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