6 Beauty Hacks, Tips And Tricks To Not Let Humidity Affect Your Beauty

Anushka Kukreja | July 06, 2017 15:05 IST

We don't fix our hair and put on make up to get it messed up the second we step out in the humidity right? From making skin sticky to smudging the make- up, humidity can disturb our beauty routine in ways unimagined. Precautions hence become all the more important in monsoons. And here are a few tips to not let humidity keep you from looking fresh and lively!

1. Prepare your face before Makeup
Love your skin and it will love you back! Exfoliate and moisturize your skin with a good primer and water based sun-screen to keep your makeup from melting. Doing so will keep oil slicks at bay.

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2. Don't shampoo your hair too much
Humid weather is the time when we tend to over wash our hair. But did you know over washing your hair could be doing more harm than good? It can make your hair dry and frizzy. Not over washing your hair and using the right shampoo according to your hair type will save your hair from humidity.


3. Oiling is the key to frizz free hair
It's a myth that oiling hair will only make your hair sticky. But the truth is by applying non-sticky oil you can keep frizzy hair at bay and get vibrant and fuller hair.


4. Use Waterproof Make-up
Waterproof make-up can be your savior in this humid and sticky weather. Investing in good eyeliners and water resistant mascaras will save you from looking like a raccoon and will keep your makeup intact all day.


5. Blotting Paper to the rescue
Say hello to blotting paper and give a goodbye kiss to usual tissue papers this monsoon. They are cheap, easy to use and will take away the excess oil and luminosity without disturbing your makeup.


6. Powder your Lipstick
Are you a lipstick lover, but afraid of it melting in this humid weather? Not to worry. Applying loose powder on your lipstick will make it long lasting and can also turn any lipstick matte.



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