6 Bizarre Trends Of 2017 That Continue To Shock Us

Bhavya Jha | October 12, 2017 17:43 IST

There's a thin line between out of the box and bizarre trends. Every year we see absolutely absurd fashion choices becoming a rage and 2017 is no exception! From turned over socks to barbed brows, we witnessed a bevy of weird trends whose existence we couldn't stop questioning. But these 6 are the ones that topped our list and shocked us the most. Which one of these would you dare to sport?

1. Muddy Denims
Distressed denims have ruled the fashion scene for a while now and taking it a notch up is the muddy jeans trend. An America based brand called Nordstorm recently launched a pair of denims smeared with mud and dirt with a price tag of $425! No wonder they made it to the headlines.


2. Freckle Tattoo
We were in love with the natural look that was topping the make-up trend list, but were completely mind blown when freckle tattoos became a rage. We're sure that was definitely not the purpose of the original trend. What's next, tattooed eyebrows?

blush beauty

3. Rainbow Armpits
The unicorn hair trend gained a lot of popularity during the pride month. Colours adorning locks were a treat to look at. But the trend setters lost the plot when they came up with the rainbow pits. Armpit hair dyed in rainbow colours was not a very pleasant, if we may say so.

rainbow armpits

4. Floral Eyeliner
Who would've thought of making eyelids the canvas for floral painting! Can you dare to spend hours unleashing the artist in you by painting flowers to line your eyes? Well, if you're feeling adventurous and plan to do so, don't forget to carry a trendy pair of sunglasses from Vogue Eyewear to hide them with style when needed!


5. Pant Boots
From ankle, to knees, to thighs and now full-fledged pants, these boots have literally upped the ante! We were dumbstruck when Kendall Jenner introduced these bizarre boots that fulfill the need of a pant as well as shoes. But the question still stands, why!


6. Hairy Swimsuit
Well, we've saved the real shocker for the last! A brand named Beloved Shirts introduced these swimsuits with a hairy body print on it. It must have taken some serious amount of intoxication to come up with this. We are wondering if this too is a takeaway from the natural beauty trend. Because if it is, the communication has gone really wrong!



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