6 Brunch Dishes To Whip Up In Minimal Means

Shiralie Chaturvedi | January 05, 2018 18:18 IST


Brunch is such a food fad. And with good reason, it takes into account all of us who are either hungover or choosing to sleep in on a weekend thereby avoiding getting up early for breakfast. Brunch comes to the rescue to all of us who want to have a lazy eating experience with copious amounts of food! And what an experience it is. But what about hosting brunch at home without fretting too much about how to really do it? Well we tell you 6 dishes that are brunch perfect and don't involve all that hardwork!

1. Pizza Flatbread
Absolute winner this dish is. All it requires is a grill pan or an oven, whatever you can make do of. If you are patient enough for a regular tawa then that is good too! Take flatbread or pita bread whatever you so please, glaze with cheese, butter, olive oil, and your best veggies! Then just grill away. Cut them into tiny slivers to add that fancy brunch accent!


2. Potato Wedges
Okay, you literally need potatoes, salt, oil, and a pan for this. If you can't do this maybe you shouldn't be thinking of brunch to begin with. Cut up the wedges into funky shapes, like cubes or juliennes and sprinkle with extra salt with a lot of ketchup on the side. This is the most coveted brunch item, trust us.\

potato wedges

3. Upma
You can either do the traditional way with oats or semolina or buy a readymade packet in which you just have to add hot water. Some grated coconut garnishing, a few peanuts, some flavourful chutneys, and this will be the wholesome dish brunch is so talked about!


4. Parfait

Even though parfait sounds extremely fancy and niche, it is quite the easiest thing to make because it requires fruits, biscuits or granola bars, and yoghurt. All you got to do is layer them perfectly in a glass or a cute mason jar and you are serving something elegant and tasty!


5. Toasts
Okay, nothing says brunch like artisanal toasts. There is something so dainty about them that they just fit in the realm of brunch. Plus the ways you can fashion them is amazing. Right from avocado to eggs to beans and even something sweet -you can have whatever kind of topping on whichever kind of bread and it will be a sure shot success!


6. Sangria

But without the alcohol! Basically a fruity punch, but with the salty sweet pizazz of sangria. Pick out the sweetest and tangiest fresh fruits to make a pitcher full of the drink and serve them with cut up mandarins floating! What's not to like, and enjoy?



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