6 Dishes To Include In Your Yogic Diet

Shiralie Chaturvedi | February 07, 2017 17:38 IST

Yoga is definitely one of the most skillful and positive ways of looking at fitness and well-being. It's meditative in such a profound manner that in between all the heavy duty stretching, you truly feel at peace in a faraway land. However, as much as the asanas count your diet counts too in keeping you truly healthy and happy.

So we bring you a 6 dishes that you must include in your Yogic diet!

1. Strawberry Salad
If you crave some juicy sweetness in your meals, instead of piling high your salad with dressings that are more on the taste, less on the health -opt for naturally sweet fruits like citrus and berries. A strawberry salad is not only really pleasing to eyes, but berries are super beneficial to your Yoga diary!

strawberry salad

2. Tofu Soup
We know how this one seems, and sounds. One word? Erm! But, it is proteinaceous and it is soulful! Warm soup, with chunky tofu is a perfect dinner dish especially because protein in your diet amps up the effects of Yoga. So shed your judgy inhibitions and eat up this filling soup!



3. Aglio Olio Spaghetti
To be honest, this dish being good for a Yogi's diet is literally just another excuse to prep it. Some cherry tomatoes, some olive oil, some whole-wheat spaghetti and you have a delicious dinner at your behest! A Yogic diet will largely benefit with oils made of olive, coconut, sesame, and avocado. So delicious, and so healthy!


4. Khichdi
This is so terribly underrated as a dish, even though it's virtually a Sunday staple growing up. Mung dal are super good for you, and your diet; plus there is no better or yummier way to have some! Some refreshing dahi, crunchy salad and there you have it. A perfect meal.


5. Green Tea Ice-cream
Ice cream is actually quite healthy if prepared with natural sweetners, skimmed milk, and infused with ingredients such as herbal tea. And green tea ice cream shouldn't just be a Japanese thing. Every dedicated Yogi knows the importance of herbal teas, so why not have a refreshing, cool, sweet dessert without compromising on your fitness quotient?

green tea ice cream

6. Gud Halwa
Lastly, an Indian dessert of gud, nuts, and their inherent crunchy sugar is our personal favourite. Molasses are a must-have in your diet, and this is the best way to have some without worrying about the overt sweet nature of gud. Moreover, it's something quick to whip up and quicker to eat up. Plus, it's super filling! We suggest you go make some right now.

gud halwa
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