6 Foods That Make You Instantly Happy

Shiralie Chaturvedi | February 22, 2017 13:35 IST

Happiness and food are interlinked in so many ways, it is quite surprising that we aren't constantly stuffing are faces with inordinate amount of foods constantly just! Whether we go out for a meal, or host a party, or are at work, or watching television at home -food is always around the corner annotating our days and schedules.

However there are some foods that can instantly make you happy! Seriously, like within minutes of you consuming some of these you become a joyous content being. So, check out these amazing foods.

1. Coffee
This is probably the happiest, best news for so many people across the universe. There are actual studies (Nurses' Health Study) that have been undertaken to suggest that more cups of coffee actually lead to less possibility of depression! Coffee ups your mood within only 30 minutes of you downing a cup. If that's not good news -we don't know what is!


2. Walnuts
Eating walnuts actually increases your levels of something known as ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) that in turn increases your happiness quotient! Moreover this nifty ALA is also responsible for releasing serotonin which curbs feeling of anger and aggression!


3. Oysters
Well if your partner is in a terrible mood, we suggest you definitely take them out for some oysters! Oysters are super potent sources of zinc, and low zinc levels are directly linked to anxiety! So we suggest you pick an amazing sea food restaurant and feel happy for more than one reason.


4. Pomegranate
It is widely known that pomegranate keeps your blood pressure at bay. But, regularly eating pomegranate results in lower risk of depression and anxiety addled issues!


5. Shiitake Mushrooms
Just like zinc, magnesium is responsible for keeping your happy hormones, well, happy! These smoot, buttery mushrooms aren't just lip-smacking but also a great way to have an elevated mood!


6. Chocolate
 Like we even have to elaborate upon this. No one has ever been sad eating chocolate, trust us we know that that's a fact. Dark chocolate, especially, uplifts your mood definitely and give you a satiated feeling afterward. This is reason enough to stock your grocery basket with the best kind of chocolates next time you go shopping!

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