6 Good Habits to Imbibe This Summer

Sejal Mehra | June 12, 2017 17:48 IST

You call it summer; we call it the best season to start afresh! Heat is at its peak in summers and we are often so drained that even the daily chores seem difficult. Well don't worry because we have compiled for you a check-list of these easy habits that will make summer pass like a breeze. Imbibe them and have a happy summer!

1. Controlling Your Temper
It becomes all the more important in summers to keep your temper levels low as you need to keep your cool literally! The heat can often get to you and induce irritated reactions unnecessarily. So don't let that happen. Stay happy and let others be happy.

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2. Drinking More Water
It is very important to keep yourself hydrated in the summer heat. Make it a habit to always carry a bottle of water wherever you go. Put reminders and make conscious efforts to increase your water consumption.


3. Putting On Sun-Screen Lotion
Don't forget your daily dose of SPF at home before you head out for a day in the sun. It is necessary for your skin and won't just protect you from an unwanted tan, but harmful UV rays. Do confirm with the specialists before choosing a brand though!


4. Carrying A Scarf/Hat/Cap/Umbrella
Always cover your head when you walk out. Be it a scarf, a hat or an umbrella; choose what you are comfortable with. Make sure to protect your hair and face from the sun. Cracked skin and dry hair is the last thing that you want!


5. Carrying A Deodorant
Summers mean excessive sweating and this can often lead to a bad body odour. Make it a point to carry a small deodorant, roll on or perfume whenever you leave the house to keep that odour from making things unpleasant.


6. Eating A Proper Diet
Remember to eat a healthy diet as your body needs more energy supplies in summers. Keep your meals full of mangoes, watermelons, salads and mint. It will keep your body temperature in control and will keep you healthy overall.



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