6 Indian Dishes That Are A Must For A Classic Diwali Feast

Shiralie Chaturvedi | October 09, 2017 17:53 IST


Diwali is perhaps the one most pertinent event in all our social calendars. Whether it is about celebration with family or friends; Diwali is seldom spent alone. And what better way to have a memorable time with your loved ones, than with copious amount of food all around you?! So here are those 6 classic dishes that Diwali is super incomplete without.

1. Namak Para 
Tell me one household where namak-paras, or mathris aren't being prepared already. What gingerbread cookies in the oven are to Christmas, fresh namak paras are to Diwali! They are light, they are super easy to make, and they are the best snacks to keep for all the unexpected guests that may descend upon you during the festivities!

namak para

2. Dahi Vada
Ah that spicy, sweet, tangy mixture that gets provided with every bite of dahi vada -there is literally nothing quite comparable. Perfect as an appetizer or as a palate cleanser, the cold dahi against the gamut of flavourful masalas is a must-must for every meal leading up to Diwali!


3. Bedmi Aloo This is like an upgrade to your typical aloo poori. Chunky pooris with some gravy potatoes, this is superhot, super spicy, and such a classic dish to indulge in for Diwali. Plus the versatility of this dish lies in the fact that you can eat it for breakfast, or for lunch, and even for dinner. If that isn't awesome, we don't know what is!


4. Biryani 
If there is one Indian dish that is guaranteed to make you feel fancy regardless of how you consume it, is has got to be some lip-smacking Biryani. Smooth, buttery, spicy, sugary even, one spoon full of Biryani is like heaven melting in your mouth! Plus whether you are a vegetarian or not, nothing dulls the magic of this dish especially when paired with some jeera raita and some mirchi salan!


5. Motichoor Laddoo
Just a tad off from being saccharine, these golden nuggets of sweetness are the perfect way to end any meal, or eat in the middle of the day for a pick-me-up. And who hasn't battled against the urge to binge-eat them all at once?!


6. Kaju Katli
Finally! Everyone's favourite. These are the most elegant, dainty, and featherweight sweets out there. To achieve that in the middle of the festive season while being everyone's most coveted mithai is quite the feat. Kaju Katli are pleasing to the eye, not overtly sweet, and quite light on the stomach as well. Which is such a welcome change amidst all the other decadence we have around us during the festive season!

kaju katli


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