6 Innovative Ideas for your Next Holiday to Dubai

Shiralie Chaturvedi | April 04, 2016 16:22 IST

Imagining Dubai without the glitz and the glamour seems improbable. But not impossible. Dubai may be home to glistening lights, over-arching skyscrapers, endless golden sands but it also is a haven for those who look for holistic vacations. Holistic, and of course exquisite. We bring to you a curated list of things you'd never expect to do in Dubai while planning your itinerary, but absolutely must try because you may just miss out on experiences that are bound to remain with you for the rest of your life.

1. Food Trails: Dubai is also the kind of place where you get ample lavish dining experiences but also can opt for some food related adventure. And no, we aren't talking about the Fear Factor kind of adventure but of Food Trails! Frying Pan Adventures are our heroines (yes they are a pair of sisters!) when it comes to unveiling authentic cuisines that Dubai has to offer. Treat it like a travelling Farmers Market of Dubai with insider experiences of small restaurants, endearing and fragrant spice markets situated in Old Dubai. These delicious food trails give you a taste of culture like never before!

2.  Turtle Rehabilitation: Did you think that your trip to Dubai would end up in working towards nature, and saving some cute little Turtles? We bet not! Burj Al Arab and Medinat Jumeirah run the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project that rescue and release sea turtles back into their original habitat. In the middle of the sandy desert you get to marvel and protect marine-life and that is just one of the most unique experiences you get to have in a lifetime.

3.  International Dining: And you thought Armenian and Korean cuisine were exotic! Dubai boasts of international flavours that you've probably never tasted, and we can assure you they are worth every bite! Gaucho restaurant offers one of the most decadent Argentine cuisines that one can get their hands on with an exquisite collection of wine, but whatever you may eat,  don't deny yourself the joy of experiencing some salted Dulce de Leches after dinner. A traditional South American dessert, the modern twist it's given at Gaucho is inexplicable! Dubai is also home to Kiza, which is a Pan-African cuisine restaurant. Yes, not just simply Moroccan or Ethiopian, all of Africa's flavours are at your behest for consumption in this restaurant! Full of elegance and subtle romance, these Dubai eateries are absolutely unique!

4.  Desert Fun: Arabian Oryx, Sand Gazelles and countless reptiles and insects are what you get to see at UAE's first national park. Even though the vastness of the desert can make it tough for you to spot all the organisms, you can observe the exquisite Al Maha (Oryx) in its habitat - just keep a safe distance so you don't alarm them! Another reason why you must visit this place? Because nowhere else will you get to experience the magnificent falcon display.

5.  Bond Voyage: Imagine you are James Bond, zipping on the streets of Dubai, waiting to defuse a bomb, or rescue a stunning damsel in distress. Now live this imagination by booking your tickets! The expansive landscape full of skyscrapers gives off a whiff that Dubai and business industries go hand in hand. We all know that being corporate also entails looking corporate! Shiny wheels, dapper suits, and an air of confidence sometimes go a long while in cracking those super important professional ventures! One can easily rent luxury cars (right from a Limo to Aston Martin) and be the glitzy star of your own thriller movie!

6.  Wedding Wonders: When in Dubai, do buy! Okay, we could have tried better. But it is absolutely true, you can't escape the glory that is to shop in this amazing city. The best excuse to shop here is obviously to attain a bespoke bridal trousseau. The beaming and blingy halls of Meena Bazaar, and the glittering corridors of Gold Souk are overwhelming enough for you to make a trip more than once to just process all the grandeur! Of course there is also the versatile textile souk for all your sartorial wishes. Even though Dubai is known for high-end couture houses, tucked away all over the city are these beautiful and opulent markets that speak a lot about Asian and Middle Eastern ethos.

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