6 Inspirations To Bring Home From The Rambagh Palace

Sharon Pinto & Prathamesh Patkar | September 01, 2016 16:59 IST

The shimmer of grand crystal chandeliers, detailed walls and ceilings, larger than life windows with curtains so grand, you could make your wedding dress out of it; every corner of the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is testimony to the decadent luxury that is the style of North Indian royal architecture and design.

Sure you can't bring all of it to your home but what inspirations can you successfully borrow? Here's our list.

1. Maharaja Chair
Long backs, old teak frames, sturdy carved legs and rich embroidered fabrics, get your very own throne and put it in your living room. It's the chair that will announce the king of your castle- you! Go old school like the furniture from Rambagh or get a modern take on Royal with chairs like these.

2. Oversized Chandeliers
A gorgeous oversized glass chandelier, languidly throwing light reflections across your room. Sometimes, it's all the highlighting your room needs. Use single pieces or clusters.

3. Stone Jalis As Partitions
Apart from being a natural air conditioner and privacy provider, stone jalis give your home the romance of detailing, and allows light and images to filter through, in a peekaboo effect.

4. The Dramatic Curtained Bed
Make your bed the show stealer of your bedroom by playing with its shape, like a circular form perhaps? Allow a rich drape coming down from the ceiling, to partly or completely encase the bed for drama.

5. Arched Entrances
Instantly royal and reminiscent of Jaipur are the scalloped arches along doorways and passages. Use just the form in its simplicity in your home and see it up the royal quotient of your home.

6. Hand-painted Embellished Walls And Panels  
The best part of using a North Indian royal influence for your home is the ease of access to mural and tikri or mirror mosaic artists. Bring the colour and drama of Indian artwork to your home, with a statement wall or panel that uses these.

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