6 Instagram Destination Inspirations

Shiralie Chaturvedi | November 13, 2017 17:56 IST

Instagram is a double edged sword; it is both envy inducing and validating at the same time. We give massive inspiration, but also get equal amount of FOMO -however trend spotting through Instagram is actually quite helpful because you get to know exactly what the online community is doing, and where. Like, for instance, where is everyone enjoying their fall winter holidays?! Well we have narrowed it down for you!

1. Cold 

Of course the most common holiday spot has got to be that that brings you in proximity to nail-biting cool winds! Iceland, Russia, Gulmarg, Alberta, are just some of those snowcapped desires that a lot of us want to realize come the winter season! So pack your beanies, your parkas, and get going!


2. Beach

This is the second most obvious location type during winters. Whether it is living in a shack in Goa, or taking a houseboat in Kerala, or relaxing in the most calm shores of Maldives -beaches are a trend that are classic and never out of style.


3. Castle 

Now this one is an oddball. Or so it seems. However, larger than life castles are perfect staycation venues during winters. The darkness, the gloom, the elusiveness all adds to the season too. Whether it is Romania or Switzerland, overarching structures that speak volumes to something mysterious are perfect escapes during winter.


4. Down Under

Because it is SPRING there! Lush fields, blossoming flowers, and colours abundant are a perfect getaway from everything that is overloading on dark tones! So pack your bags and hit to Oceania!


5. Foliage

But of course, if you have the time and the luck to transport yourself to the fall foliage reserved to American east coast there is nothing better. The true meaning of seasonal change is depicted through leaves and this season is especially crafted well for that. And this is also the true Instagram hero of travel trends come November!


6. Desert 

Lastly, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Dubai, Jordan and their deserts. Desert safaris are especially popular during winter season because of the large expanse of the sand plus the warmth under the sun and the coldness under the moon. If you really want to understand nature at its finest camp out in a desert to fully appreciate how differently the climate gets affected due to geography.



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