6 Lipstick Shades You Must Try This Summer

Riya Sachdeva | May 15, 2017 15:48 IST

Summers are back and the temperature is soaring across the country. As the temperature changes it is time to give the nudes of the winters some rest and say hello to the bright colors and trends again. It is time to try those radiant new shades and give yourself a beaming new look! And what better way to do this than switching to the array of bold lipstick shades. Can't decide which one? Here is a list of the ones that are trending!

1. Sanguine Reds
Turn up the heat this summer en vogue with the rich reds. There is no doubt in the fact that there's a tint or shade of red for every skin tone and is almost always trending. Some of the famous reds are Ruby Woo by MAC, All Fired Up by MAC, Ruby Twilight by Mabelline and Perfect Red by NYX. So get shopping!


2. Bright Pinks
From apparels to make up, pinks have made a massive comeback this season. Subtle pinks are our forever go to shades, but this summer we suggest to raise the bar by trying the new bold pinks. Neons, fuchsias or hot pinks, wear it with toned down eye makeup or totally nude eyes to get a glamorous look. Candy Yum Yum by MAC, Thrilling Pink by Colorbar and Infinitely Fuchsia by Mabelline are some we have on our list.


3. Tangy Tangerines
As unbelievable as it may sound, but orange is not a very difficult lipcolor to pull off. It can definitely be the highlight of your summer looks and is perfect for those dressy night outs! You can try muted oranges for a subtle look or bask in some spotlight with the brighter ones. Obsessed Orange by Colorbar, Orange Flambe by Chambor and Orange Vice by Nykaa are some of the shades we suggest.


4. Classy Corals
Corals are the most loved shades in our list. Sheers to opaque, there is a variety of shades to choose from. It will definitely glam up your all white or light blue overalls. Kinda Coral and Koi Coral by MAC, Dating Coral by L'Oreal Paris, Precious Coral by Colorbar and Coral Gold by L'Oreal Paris are some shades you can experiment with!


5. Royal Purples
Purple is not the most preferred shade of lipsticks. But the lesser known Mabelline, Aria by NYX, Spiced 16M by Nykaa and Pretty Purple by Oriflame.fact states that purples when paired with light zesty yellows, all blacks or rust oranges in the ensemble amps up your look. Lavenders or plum are trending this season and the picks that we suggest are Lively Violet by


6. Glistening Glitters
If you are up for some sartorial adventure this season, then glitter lips are something you must try! Get ready-made glitter lipsticks or just dab glitter on your lips after applying a base to make it stay. You are good to go for those summer parties. Ruby Slippers, Cherry Pie and Cocoa Love by BeautyBLVD are some we suggest.


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