6 Places That Prove South India Is A Paradise For Peace Finding

Bhavya Jha | March 01, 2017 13:10 IST

It's a well-known fact that travellers from all over the world come to India on a tranquil trip for some soul searching. While these destinations are spread all across the country, south of India takes the whole emotional cleanse to a more pronounced level. The many lesser explored and sparsely populated places call upon all those in search of peace to take a plunge in the holy charm of the untainted south Indian soil. So when the next time you feel bogged down by work stress, break up or stressful city- life, take some time off your busy schedule and pay a visit to one of these beautiful destinations.

1. Vattakanal
6 km away from the famous hill-station Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is its lesser explored sister, Vattakanal. This small village with highly affordable homestays and cafes welcomes you with its serene vibe. Camping under billions of stars next to a bonfire with warm hearted Israelis and localites playing hypnotic trance will have you rejuvenated. While waking up to clouds flying in through the windows is complementary, you'd not want to miss an early morning trek down to eco point or dolphin's nose for a breath-taking view.

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2. Alleppy
The humble quaint town of Alleppy is a paradise for nature lovers and the best place to have some time to yourself. A blissful day off on the houseboat in the captivating backwaters, alongside the palm trees, dense paddy fields and exotic birds will bring you all the peace you need at the moment. The spas and resorts deserve a special mention as they offer divine relaxation and rejuvenation. You can even go for the lively and fun backwaters kayaking for a refreshing experience.

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3. Puducherry
A single trip to this bright and gorgeous place is capable of teaching you how to find meanings in small simple things in life. Puducherry offers various ways to unwind like meditation, yoga, scuba diving or simple pottery along the beachside that make you want to slow down and relax. Aside from the breezy French allure that hovers all over this coastline, a stay at the famous ashrams will make your emotional detox trip worthwhile.


4. Hampi
A trip to the historic town of Hampi in northern Karnataka will feel no less than a time travel experience. The giant boulders scattered along the place over broad expanses with hints of ancient Indian architecture after every few steps will have you day-dreaming. Riding under the sun, through the empty winding paths, from temple to temple amidst mazes of rocks will prove will help you sweat out the negativities, before you dive down the lake for a swim.


5. Gokarna
One of the places where hippie cult is thriving at its very best is the set of beaches in Gokarna. Small treks up and down the hills will take you across 4 beautiful and very less explored beaches, Om, Kudle, Paradise and Half-moon. Sync into the laid-back vibe of the place by renting a basic shack right at the beach. What comes along is the enthralling performances and exciting beach-side flea markets set up by the hippies, meeting beautiful people from all over the world on a similar soul searching trip and delicious coastal food offered by the local cafes.


6. Shivsamudram
78 kms from Mysore, are these spell binding waterfalls where the Cauvery rivers split into two cascades. The mighty roar of the falling water silences all other sounds and will remind you of the powerful beauty of nature. Climbing down hundreds of stairs to reach the foot of the falls will not seem a tad bit tiring, but will in fact have you more excited with each step. Take a dip in the water surrounded by magnificent greenery and towering mountains and take the coracle boat ride and you'll have you'll feel your heart pounding in your ears.

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