6 Places You Need To Visit With Your Lover

Ambika Anand | December 07, 2017 13:02 IST

Ring in the New Year with your beloved to ensure your next year is full of unbridled togetherness and romance. I tell you the best place to enjoy yourself with your partner to maximise the holiday fun!

1. Marchula near the Jim Corbett resort is a place where you can find mahseer and goonch fish. You can also spot a barking deer, sambhar and the occasional tiger! Thrilling and romantic!


2. Finland's igloo hotels give you a beautiful view of the Northen Lights. An experience which is cool and romantic- all at the same time


3. Goa is always a good idea and the beauty about this place is that there is always something new to discover. Have a Matsya Meal at the Samata resort, Arambol, discover a mall and a cinema Hall at Porvorim. December is always so exciting with Serendipity - a festival for art and performing arts. Music, theatre, food and wine in Campal in Panjim close to The Adil Shah Palace. If you are exhausted by the busyness of Goa and the traffic jams during the New Year period but are still vying for a beach view then consider the untouched OM beach in Karnataka.

exotic beach

4. Go skiing to Courchevel in France or be thrifty and give Indian tourism a chance and go skiing to Gulmarg in Kashmir! The Rista and a wonderful Kaani shawl is always an added bonus when in this part of the world!

road sign

5. Mount Fuji, Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan will easily keep you and your partner busy for 10 days. But beware New Years is synonymous with religious and family time for the Japanese so many of your favourite stores and museums could be shut during this period!

mt fuji

6. Or just scrap your travel plans invest in lovely rug and a fireplace and enjoy the latest season of Crown, with a glass of Vino. After all the best part of a vacation is coming home, I say, why leave it at all!


Happy Holidays


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