6 Quirky Things You Didn't Know Were Invented In Switzerland

Ahvanya Sharma | August 31, 2016 13:16 IST

Switzerland: the country known for its aesthetic beauty of lakes, mountains and rivers. But how can we forget the cheese fondues, exotic chocolates, finely crafted watches, and the Swiss knife. Switzerland is known for many things, like its no-interference policy, but here are 6 things you had no idea originated in Switzerland!

1. Bobsleigh

Wondering what that is? It is an Olympic sport played in winters in which teams of four or two jump into a sleigh before pushing it down a long, twisting and narrow ice slide! Scary huh?

So if you are looking for that adrenaline rush with the scenic beauty of Switzerland, don't forget to bobsleigh down the winding tracks in the Alps.

2. White chocolate

Did you know that the white bar that we used to devour in our childhood was the first form of white chocolate? A Swiss company first came out with this chocolate bar way back in the 1930s and is now the most common white chocolate!

An interesting thing about white chocolate is that it's not a proper chocolate in the strict sense, as it doesn't contain cocoa solids but rather cocoa butter. But who cares, cocoa or not, we still love white chocolate!

3. Cellophane

The very same plastic sheet which we use to cover food with to keep it fresh and wrap our bouquets in to make them look presentable!

The idea for this a clear, protective, packaging layer was first thought of in the 1900s.

Being a European country, wine was a common drink and so were wine spills on tablecloths! So a Swiss textile engineer attempted to create a liquid repelling material and voila! We now have cellophane to save food from any kind of moisture!

4. Pascal language

The devices we use the most, whether it's our computers, laptops or smart phones, they all use a common language to make everything comprehensible for us.

Some of us might have heard of C, thanks to our computer classes in school, but what many of you don't know, is that Pascal was the first procedural programming language.

Designed by Niklaus Wirth in the early 1970s, it was named in honour of a French mathematician, Balise Pascal.

5. Muesli

Ever wonder where the famous breakfast dish came from?

Well, a Swiss physician, Maximillian Bircher Benner had eaten a similar dish on a hike in the Alps and that, sparked the inspiration for this dish.

This healthy dish has become the most common breakfast choice for health conscious people around the world.

Now, start your day by thinking about the Alps and take in a spoonful of the mountains with each bite of your muesli.

6. Velcro

The name itself is a combination of the French words for velvet and hook, which would literally translate to a 'velvety hook'.

The idea of this fastener, fastened onto George de Mestral's mind while he was strolling through the woods. He was getting quite annoyed with the burrs sticking to his trousers and wanted to make some better use of them.

And after some pondering, Velcro was invented!

So many things were discovered in the inspiring land of Switzerland. From cable carts to ice caves, someone was walking in the woods while the other found his inspiration while eating a delicious meal in the mountains!

When you go visit Switzerland, be ready to be inspired because you may come away with an idea for something original and find yourself inventing something quirky in the 21st century.

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