6 Things That Make Travelling Alone Easy

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 30, 2017 18:03 IST

Everyone's bucket lists inevitably include one solo trip -preferably more than one - but that one token trip is ubiquitous. This is because a solo trip marks an independent and adventurous territory like nothing else. However as poetic and enthralling it can be, it can also run the risk of being lonely and mildly cumbersome. But we tell you those 6 useful things that will instantly make your solo-trip totally fret-free.

1. Backpack
Travelling solo means no accompaniers, and that means you can't fall back on another individual to take care of the luggage. You and you only will have to be responsible for your stuff, and the best bet keeping that in mind is to limit whatever you carry. Just have a carry-all or a light backpack and stuff it with your belongingness. You will realistically only be accountable for that one thing and that'll take a lot of pressure off you.

2. Walking Shoes 
Sure fashion is something very few people want to compromise upon, however ditch your heels or snug shoes for once and wear something comfortable. The joy of travelling alone is seeing the city through only your vantage point, and walking is the best way to do that! And you don't want to get tired or uncomfortable with the wrong kind of shoes.

3. Battery Pack
You may or may not always find a socket to charge your phone however you will be tension free if you have a portable battery pack. Charge it overnight and use it in the daytime without your phone dying even once.

4. First Aid
Firstly, there are quite high chances, especially during international travel that even the most usual medicine might not be available without a prescription -and that's a terrible place to be in at the event of a spasm or ache. Carry with you a nifty kit of first-aid full of medicines, bandaids, and ointments should you encounter a mishap! It will be a lot easier to be adventurous knowing that you will have a sturdy medical kit!


5. Tripod
Even though in the list of super-practical and important things, this doesn't ring as higher but it is quite essential. And, no we aren't talking about the bulky professional ones but small portable ones that can fold and fit in your backpack. If you have made it through a solo trip successfully, of course you would want to keep memories intact and for that there needs to be pictures that aren't just selfies!



6. Phone Data Pack
Another way to ensure seamless travel experience is actually an underrated one. Being in touch with your loved ones. Don't use your super-expensive data pack, or your roaming facility but keep it with you regardless. The assurance of reaching out to a loved one should drama hit the wall is a very calming feeling!

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