6 Times Kangana Ranaut Slayed Airport Style

Anchal Tirodkar | September 14, 2017 16:30 IST

Be it for movie promotions, on a trip or attending international film festivals, Bollywood celebs have been glamming up their airport look these days. And actress Kangana Ranaut is one diva who offers some sartorial travel inspiration in everything from boho dresses, sarees, to loafers. Airport really is her Runway and she impresses us with her travel dress code. Here are some of our favourites!

1) Casually Chic 
The perfect plane uniform which is simple, stylish, easy and comfortable!

We Love: Sunglasses to hide those jet-lagged eyes are a must!


2) Traditonally Cool
The Queen actress has her own defined taste. She made a statement wearing a saree with shoes. Who would've thought!

kanagana ranaut

3) Spiffy Androgyny
This looks makes a perfect plane-to meeting outfit. Agree?


4) Hi-end Diva
Kangana was spotted in a Dior coat pairing it with cropped denims, a Birkin and pair of black booties. The electric mirrored sunglasses shades add that extra drama to her look; giving some oomph to the paparazzi.


5) Grunge Style
Miss.Ranaut ensures to look every bit stylish and knows how to slay at the airport. We approve! Rockstar, isn't she, especially with the black leather ensemble!


6) Oozing Elegance
Casting a spell in white! They say simplicity is the key to elegance and there's no need to go crazy with colour to make an impact. This one is good for a refreshing change of pace.



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