6 Travel Accessories You Will Be Glad You Carried

Riya Sachdeva | May 10, 2017 10:45 IST

We all love to travel and crave a getaway every once in a while. And with so many long weekends lined up we can't help but plan those trips that have been on our bucket list for a while. But taking time out of our busy schedules often leaves no time to pack tactfully. So here is a check-list of items you need to carry for your next expedition, aside from the regular things.

1. Swiss Knife
This multifunctional accessory is a must have in your bag. It can be used as a knife, scissors, tin can openor, etc. making it a device to rely on. Invest in a good swiss knife and you will be glad you carried one in your entire trip and the trips ahead.

swiss knife

2. Ear Plugs
Travelling can be noisy at times. To relax, we need to cut out the outside noises and ear plugs are a good way to do that. It blocks the excessive noise, giving you a peaceful sleep after a tiring day exploring the place.


3. Neck Pillow
Sometimes travelling too much becomes hectic and bears harmful effects on our health. But a neck pillow is there to save the day! It provides comfort and allows you to sleep comfortably. It gives you enough neck support, so that you don't end up in pain after long journeys.

nech pain

4. Eye Mask
For all your outdoor adventures when living conditions are not under your control, an eye mask is your go-to accessory! It does a perfect job of blocking the light. It makes you sleep peacefully whenever you are tired and is great for when you want to give your eyes some rest.


5. Waterproof Card Case
It stores all your necessary cards in a single place and protects them from outside damage. It is convenient and easy and you won't be wasting time in finding the card as and when you require.



6. Passport Card
It is an indispensable accessory for all your international travels. It keeps your passport safe and is great for carrying cash as well. And for all you trendy ones, they're available in various quirky style and designs suiting your travel needs.



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